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Running and Testing Struts 2 Login application

Running Struts 2 Login Example In this section we will run the example on Tomcat 6.0 server and check how it works.


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Running and Testing Struts 2 Login application


Running Struts 2 Login Example
In this section we will run the example on Tomcat 6.0 server and check how it works.

Running Tomcat

To run the Tomcat, go to its bin directory and then double click on startup.bat. The startup.bat will start the tomcat.

Testing application

To test the application type http://localhost:8080/struts2tutorial/. Your browser should show the following screen:


Now click on "Login Application" link. Then your browser will display the Login page as shown below:


Now click on the "Login" button. Application will show the following error screen:

Now you enter the Login name "Admin" and click on the "Login" button, application will show the following error:


Now enter any password except "Admin", application will again show the error. This error is actually generated in the Action class.


Now enter the valid password "Admin" and click on "Login" button. Now the application will show you the welcome message as shown below.


Congratulation! Now you have successfully developed and tested your Struts 2 Login application. In the next section we will show you how to add client side Java Script validation using Struts 2 Validation framework.




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Running and Testing Struts 2 Login application

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January 10, 2012

how to apply or use css in struts2 and how to configure in whole project via single css theme or file?
sadakar pochampalli
November 21, 2012
Good Example

Good one... very useful for beginners :-)