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HTML is used for creating the web pages on Internet. HTML is mostly used on the web for the transfer of information from a website. If you have to create a website you have to use the HTML for creating pages and then upload on the server.

This articles is teaches you HTML with the many examples. We are first introducing you with the HTML language and then explains you the different element of HTML. Many examples are given here to explain you the concept of HTML. These tutorials on HTML will help you in learning the HTML concepts and make you perfect in HTML page creation.

If you are learning JSP then it is must to learn HTML first. Here are the tutorials of HTML.

  1. Introduction to HTML
    Here, we will introduce you to the basics of HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Using HTML we can create a Web Page which can be viewed through a Web Browser over Internet.

  2. DHTML Tutorial

    This tutorial gives you the extensive idea about the DHTML and how it can be made to work on your site without pages of code being included.
  3. HTML Elements
    In this session, you will learn more things on HTML. You will learn about the uses of some elements in HTML with a description of their attributes through examples.
  4. What is HTML Form?
    Learn about HTML Form/Web Form.
  5. Form and its Elements
    In this session, we will introduce you to the idea of Forms and how they are used in HTML. You will learn about the basic tags of a HTML Form and their attributes.
  6. HTML Layout
    A Web Page Layout is likey to be the layout of the pages in a newspaper. HTML columns are used to present the contents of a web page. HTML columns are created by using tables to design the layout.
  7. Displaying images using javascript
    This Example describes the way to display images using JavaScript and css. For this we are going to make program named image-slideshow-5.css,image-slideshow-5.html,image-slideshow-5.js.
  8. Making Tab using javascript
    This Example describes the way to make Tab using JavaScript and css. For this we are going to make program named  domtab.css, domtab.js, index.html.
  9. Table Caption in HTML
    The Table Caption in HTML is used to give heading to the tables.
  10. Use of Text Field
    By using form in HTML, users are allowed to enter or select different types of information. A form contains form elements checkbox, text field, radio button etc.) through which users can input their data.
  11. Text Field in HTML    
    The Text Field in HTML are one line areas, which enable the user to enter input text.
  12. Text Area in HTML
    Text  Area in HTML is used to write unlimited number of text in it.
  13. Table & the Border attribute
    The Tutorial illustrates an example from Table and the Border attribute. In this Tutorial, the code explains to create a table and the border with a specified attribute.
  14. Set Background Colors and Images in HTML
    The  background colors can be set to the web pages by using the body attribute bgcolor and putting any color value into it in HTML Page.
  15. Radio Buttons in HTML
    The Radio Button in HTML are type of input form, which allows a user to select any one option from the alternative options. To achieve this, we must specify the name of radio button properly. 
  16. Password Field in HTML
    When users type characters in a password field, the browser displays asterisks or bullets instead of the characters. Password text field is same as text field.
  17. Paragraph in HTML
    The Paragraph in HTML are defined inside the <p> and </p. tags.
  18. Unordered Lists
    An Unordered Lists is a bulleted list of items, which enables you a customized view of a bullets. An unordered list does not have numbers. This list can be created inside <url> tags.
  19. Show Hyperlink in HTML Page
    HTML is a HyperTextMarkupLanguage.The HTML uses a hyperlink to connect from one page to another page of the web. The anchor (<a>...</a>) tag is used for creating a text on which hyperlink is to be displayed.
  20. Horizontal Rule in HTML
    A horizontal Rule in HTML is used to separate two lines or two paragraph between any two objects in HTML.To apply horizontal rule, the <hr> tag is used in a HTML code.
  21. Horizontal Rule Attribute in HTML
    Checkbox is used in html when a users want to select more than one or more option from a set of alternatives. If a user wants to select only one option, user can choose a radio button in html page.
  22. Cascading Style Sheet(CSS)
    Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is known as style sheet language, define the presentation of a document written in a markup language.
  23. Action Submit Html
    Action Submit in Html is used to submit a form, When a user clicks on a submit button, the form is sent to the specific address in the action setting of the <form> tag.
  24. Check Box in HTML
    Checkbox is used in html when a users want to select more than one or more option from a set of alternatives. If a user wants to select only one option, user can choose a radio button in html page.
  25. Style Tags Used in HTML
    The Style Tags in HTML is used to give specific format to the HTML page.
  26. Styles in HTML
    The Style in HTML is used to format the html document with required style information specified in head section.
  27. Alignment of Image in HTML
    The Tutorial illustrates an example from Alignment of image in HTML. In this Tutorial, the code explain an alignment of image in HTML. For this we start with a<html> tag, which explain the html document type. Inside the html tag we have a title tag name aligning Images.
  28. Send E-mail in HTML 
    The Tutorial describes you a code that help you to send Email in HTML. In this Tutorial, the code create a HTML Page, which depicts you how to send email from HTML page.
  29. Horizontal Frameset in HTML  
    The Frameset in HTML is mean for implementing multiple pages in a single window. Each frame in a HTML page presents a separate web documents. The frameset decides the number of column and rows in the frameset. For the implementation of frameset, we need to use columns and rows attribute.
  30. Vertical Frameset in HTML
    The Frame in HTML is used to display more than one web pages in the same page of browser window. In this Tutorial, the code define a example from vertical Frameset.
  31. Mixed Frameset in HTML
    Mixed Frameset is used to display vertical and horizontal frameset in a same web page. 
  32. Navigation Frame in HTML
    The given Tutorial helps you to illustrate Navigation Frame in HTML. In this Tutorial we help you to understand how to make Navigation Frame in HTML.
  33. Set Frame Inside HTML
    The Tutorial helps you to understand how to set Frame Inside HTML. In this Tutorial, the code create a Inline frame inside a HTML page.
  34. HTML Post Radio Button
    HTML Post attribute used in method, when a user is not able to see the data in the URL of browser. Post method is used for sending, updating and sending a mail.
  35. HTML Post Image
    The Tutorial illustrates an example, how to post image in HTML page. In this Tutorial, the code describe you html page that shows you how to insert images in html.
  36. HTML Post Form
    The HTML process the submission of form in two different ways. In HTML, the method is declared inside a FORM element. The form method is  used to send the form data in the form of message.
  37. HTML Get Radio Button
    HTML Get  method in HTML is used to send the data as part of the URL. The get method is used for retrieving the data. In Get Method, the amount of data can be sent with a limited URL.
  38. HTML get Method
    The HTML get Method is used to submit the data of the page as part of the URL. When the form data or query is submitted, the form data is appended to the url in "URL encoded" form. 
  39. HTML File Upload
    HTML File Upload is used to show the list of all file, when a user click on browse button A form in an HTML (web page) contain an input element with type="file".
  40. Table Heading in HTML
    The Tutorial illustrates an example to create a Table in HTML. To create a Table, we define the table inside the <table> tag. A Table consists of heading enclosed within <th> tag.
  41. Table Empty Cell in HTML
    The Table Empty Cell in HTML define no content inside a cell of table. The code is not able to display border around the empty cell in a table.  Table cells with no content are not displayed very well in most browsers.
  42. Tag Inside Table in HTML
    The Tutorial illustrates an example from Tag Inside Table in HTML.In this code we define a HTML page and show you to create a tag inside a Table in HTML.
  43. HTML Button Size
    The Tutorial illustrate an example from HTML Button size. In this Tutorial we create a HTML page, which display you  HTML Button  with  attribute width and height specified.
  44. Why need to switch HTML5
    HTML 5 has various benefits like it can improve your search ranking , supports efficiently to mobile readers. In all, it changes the web development process.
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