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Benefits of Dojo


Benefits of Dojo Framework

In this section we will see the benefits of Dojo Framework. Dojo toolkit provides many widgets to develop the UI for web applications. Dojo is one of the robust ajax framework that can be used to develop enterprise grade application.

Following are the benefits of Dojo.

  • Associative arrays
  • Loosely typed variables
  • Regular expressions
  • Objects and classes
  • Highly evolved date, math, and string libraries
  • W3C DOM support in the Dojo

Disadvantages of Dojo Following are the Disadvantages of Dojo.

  • Developer depends on the browser support for the Dojo
  • There is no way to hide the Dojo code in case of commercial application

Why Dojo?

Choosing a ajax framework for your next web application can be very difficult task for you. There may be many choices for the ajax framework. There are many frameworks already available in the market for developing ajax applications. Both commercial and free ajax software's provides many features. 

Read more on the Dojo Official web site here. In the next section we will learn how to install Dojo. 


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