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J2ME Crlf Example


The given J2ME Midlet, discuss about how to show the messages in different line and row. In this example we have created an object called clrf that is further used to break line and row to show the message in correct readable format.






This mdlet is going to be look like as give image..

You can print the predefined messages on the consol by selecting print command. The message will be displayed as follow.. 

Source Code of LineBreakExample.java

import javax.microedition.midlet.*;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;
import javax.microedition.io.*;
import java.io.*;
public class LineBreakExample extends MIDlet implements Runnable, CommandListener{
  private final String CrLf = "\r\n";    
    private Form form;
    private Gauge gauge;
    private Command exit;
    private Command print;
    public LineBreakExample(){
        form = new Form("Line Break...");
        gauge = new Gauge("Progress:", true, 1000);
        exit = new Command("Exit", Command.EXIT, 0);
        print = new Command("Print", Command.SCREEN, 0);
    public void startApp() {
    public void pauseApp() {
    public void destroyApp(boolean unconditional){
    public void run() {
    private void lineBreak(){
    String message = "";
    message += "Sandeep Kumar Suman" + CrLf;
    message += "Software Developer" + CrLf;
    message += "RoseIndia Technology Pvt Ltd." + CrLf;
    message += CrLf;

  public void commandAction(Command command, Displayable displayable){
    if(command == exit){
    }else if(command == print){
      new Thread(this).start();


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