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JavaScript getElementById method


We can access the specific element of any existing html page by using the method getElementById(). For accessing any element in order to refer to it must have its some unique identity. Therefore we can uniquely identify that specific element in that page.

<input id="txt" type="text" value=""/>

Above line of code creates an input text element and uniquely identifies it with its own identity "id" value which is declared here as id="txt". Each id on the page must be unique. One time if we have marked all of the elements within the HTML page then if we want to access it from JavaScript we can then access them from JavaScript quite easily. 



var elementObject = document.getElementById('identity');

Description of Code:

In the following example we have created a web page into which we have defined a text input box and one button when the user clicks on the button it calls the function funcGetElement() which takes the reference to the element and takes the value of it and displays value in the alert message. Here is the full example code for getElementByIdExample.html as follows : 

<script language="JavaScript">
function funcGetElement() {
var elementObject = document.getElementById("txt");

<div style="background: #ff9900; width:'100%';" align="center">
<font color="#0000ff" size="12pt">
<p>getElementById method</p>
Input text here : &nbsp
<input id="txt" type="text" value=""/><br/>
<input type="button" value="GetElement's Value" onclick="funcGetElement();"/>

Output :

Input your text here to show the use of getElementById() method. Your output would like the following :

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