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JavaScript array unique


In this Tutorial we want to describe a code that help you in understanding array unique. The program uses JavaScript as  scripting language. The code try to explain you a HTML Page that include a script, inside the script the variable arr instantiate an array object. This variable is initialized with the array object element. The  document. write print the Array before removing duplicate element.

Array.Array.Unique - This function return you the unique element with no duplicate element.

Finally the document. write print the array after removing duplicate element.


        <title>JavaScript Array unique</title>
        <h1>JavaScript Array unique</h1>
        <script  type="text/javascript">
            function unique(arrayName)
                var newArray=new Array();
                label:for(var i=0; i<arrayName.length;i++ )
                    for(var j=0; j<newArray.length;j++ )
                            continue label;
                    newArray[newArray.length= arrayName[i];
                return newArray;
            var arr = new Array(0,2,4,2,6,4,8,6,10);
            document.write("Array before removing 
            duplicate element: "
            document.write("Array after removing 
            duplicate element: "

Output of the program

Download Source code


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