Submit Tag (Form Tag) Example

In this section, we are going to describe the submit tag.

Submit Tag (Form Tag) Example


In this section, we are going to describe the submit tag. The submit tag is a UI tag that is used to render a submit button. The submit tag is used with the form tag to provide asynchronous form submissions. The submit can have three different types of rendering:

  • input: renders as html <input type="submit"...>
  • image: renders as html <input type="image"...>
  • button: renders as html <button type="submit"...>

Add the following code snippet into the struts.xml file.

<action name="submitTag">

Create a jsp using the tag <s:submit> that renders a submit button. This tag contains various parameters:

The value parameter presets the value of input element. In our 1st case we have set it to "Submit" 
The type parameter sets the type of submit to use. Valid values are input, button and image.  In our case we have set it to "image"
The src supplies an image src for image type submit button. It will have no effect for types input and button. In our case we have set it to:"/struts2tags/pages/uiTags/submit.gif" 
align sets HTML align attribute. In our case we have set it to:"center"


<%taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags" %>

  <title>Submit Tag Example</title>
  <h1><span style="background-color: #FFFFcc">Submit Tag Example!</span></h1>
  <s:textfield name="username" label="User Name" size="15" maxlength="10" />
  <s:textfield name="password" label="Password" size="15" maxlength="10" />
  <s:submit value="Submit" />
  <!-- To use gif button -->
  <s:submit type="image" src="/struts2tags/pages/uiTags/submit.gif" 
align="center" />


Output of the submitTag.jsp:




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Submit Tag (Form Tag) Example

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March 18, 2011
Multiple submit buttons

I want to code for Multiple submit buttons and bring them in one row. Whenever I am trying to code it , it is coming in two rows for ex. <s:submit method="execute" value="Login" align="center" /> <s:submit method="cancel" value="Cancel" align="center" /> the above code is correct/wrong??? How to align them in one row
November 19, 2011

You save my life, I was thinking and searching in google for 4 hours.. But this is my answer!