What is Google Penguin Update?

Google has once again released its Google Plugin Update, fourth of it and has been the point of discussion among the webmasters at present. Google Plugin Update has been introduced in order to check web spamming practiced by various websites by putting various manipulative links and unnecessary keywords into their website to increase their search result rankings.


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Policing and regulation concerning how legitimate and fair is your practice when it comes to optimizing search engine rankings is already a much debated area and there are hell lot of confusions as to how one can avoid the latest Google Penguin update, which as the news spread is supposed to go much deeper than earlier. Ever since its first roll out in April 2012, it set its first mark in affecting many websites around the world with proven black hat practices. And being the most dominating search engine that almost became synonymous to our web search aspirations Google is committed to improve our web experience by limiting tricky practices that are either misleading for the readers or posing challenges to the real value adding white hat practices by using the back door. Since its first launch it ran down the spine of so called dubious websites like a shockwave and this time Google Penguin update is going to be stricter and would encompass many areas that were erstwhile thought to be less important.

What exactly Google Penguin Update is for?

A definitive and down to scratch detail about this new algorithm called Google Penguin update is necessary for the general readers to have an understanding of what it is for and how it is linked to their web experience. Google is the world's most popular search engine and is far ahead of other websites with a fairly incomparable margin. This dominance of Google in the market is reflected in the initiative and positive focus of world's majority of websites to come up into Google's search rankings in multitude of keyword search tags, the more higher the better. It is quite natural for any website of commercial motive to try to come in higher Google ranks as this would naturally provide them a better client access and publicity from the web. Now the question is how a website or blog can come up the ranks of Google search in respective keywords? There are grossly two different practices geared for this goal of coming higher up the search engine rankings, respective as Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO and there is also a subsequent gray area of practice that takes attributes from both of the other two, namely Grey Hat SEO.

Google penguin update is to stop all bad SEO practices, what is SEO then? SEO or search engine optimization is the term designated for the set of practices that a website is engaged with to come up the list of search rankings in relation to particular keyword search in a search engine. An individual searches on a topic and the search engine lists the websites and web pages as per the availability of content on those sites and blogs. Naturally higher the rank a website can achieve through its content on that topic higher net traffic it gets and that obviously impacts the earning or revenue of the website. In gist this is what SEO is all about. Now the practices that lead to higher rankings can typically vary, from dubious or tricky practices which instead of providing genuine content mislead the reader to some promotional page called grossly as Black Hat SEO or genuine and unique content that adds real value to the readers knowledge and experience while he searches for that topic or keyword which is called White Hat SEO.

Long before Google Penguin update or even before that Google Panda came into tackling the issues concerning bad SEO practices there were tons of websites who regularly used to come up search ranking through tricky practices like staffing the page with keywords rather than any readable information or article, through publishing copied content, publishing same content in different connected pages to increase traffic, misguiding the web user to a page with hidden content only to promote their products or publicity campaigns etc. The impact of these derogatory practices is huge, particularly on the web users as for them to gain knowledge to their search topic is sure to become tiresome with such Black Hat SEO practices widespread across the top ranked sites in the search listings. Precisely to stop such nuance to improve web experience through ranking only genuine websites with good content on the search topics is Google's motive when they came up with their webmaster guidelines and then detecting algorithm like Google Panda and Google Penguin update for eliminating sites with Black Hat practices.

To be precise Google Penguin update is for down raking or blacklisting all those websites and blogs that without adding value to the web experience through providing genuine content uses tricky methods to come up the search rankings.

What latest Google Penguin update 2.0 is expected to come with?

Google Penguin update 2.0 is already out and according to Matt Cuts, Google's enigmatic engineer behind it, this update is supposed to go deeper and this comment aroused many misconceptions and confusions that we would like to analyze a little. Google Penguin update is going to impact sites beyond their front page, is just another myth in the air, because even at the first launch also it impacted great many sites well beyond their first page. Analyzing the so called effects of 'going deeper' our opinion is that from now on even the so called safe yet profiting practices of Grey Hat SEO is no longer going to enjoy same leverage in respect of shielding from the wrath of Google. You might have thought that providing genuine content can effectively give you leverage to practice certain black hat practices like internal link building for business promotion, but this is high time to mind your steps with latest Google Penguin update going deeper. Mixing certain white and black attributes of SEO principles land you on Grey Hat SEO but that is not at all safer as from now.

With Google motive for protecting web user's interest to the highest possible extent and continuing focus on regular updates of algorithm, it is clear that in the coming time only genuine White Hat SEO techniques are going to be the dependable and established practice for coming up the search rankings and latest Google Penguin update is just another step forward towards that.

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What is Google Penguin Update?

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