How to Avoid Google Penguin Update Penalty

To avoid Google Penguin Update Penalty on your website or to overcome it, SEOs must do-follow all their tricks to cheat search engine and start targeting audience or user. Re-indexing and improving their whole website is the only way to survive the penalty.


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In order to avoid Google Penguin Update Penalty, SEO must rethink their strategies from the very beginning. The Google Penguin 2.0 is strongly targeting websites involved in Black-Hat and Grey-Hat SEO techniques.

SEO techniques like targeting one or two keywords and using them in Anchor text to generate link juice will no longer be entertained. Links from poor ranking websites or poor content websites or spammy websites are being heavily penalized. Also same content across different Article marketing websites can no longer be published as they are also being punished.

Keyword stuffing, which Black-Hat SEO used to maximum to generate traffic are being heavily punished as well. Spam comments with links in forum pages, discussion and others are also being watched.

In short, every tricks and trades that were carried out by SEO to gain ranking in search engines which means they targeted search engine and not the audience or user, will no longer help you come up in search results.

Tricks and trades won't help a website long and one must understand that to stand for a long run, you must stop cheating engine and play along the rules. The guidelines of Google Webmaster clearly indicates that they will try hard to bring quality results in search engine this means they will forever fight against spammy website and SEO tricks.

To avoid the penalty of Penguin 2.0 update or to overcome it one needs to do the following:

Improve the content of your website. Start with changing and improving the content of your website. Give content that are genuine and are helpful to user. Stop keyword stuffing and believe in giving rich content to user. If content is good it is easily shared on Social networking sites, which does not come under duplicate content parameter of Google.

Create more Landing Pages. Rather than giving multiple URLs to a particular page, create more landing pages with good content in it. There are websites that have many Blank landing pages, which have now become the main reason for their degradation.

Improve your Social Networking presence. Social Networking sites have become inevitable and more important than ever. They are the best medium to spread your content and to get a link back to your site. Also if the content is good, it generates traffic.

Stop Paid Links. The easiest way to earn linking before was to buy them. SEO could target any keyword and buy advertorials, anchor text and links to their site. Penguin 2.0 clearly states that this practice is against Webmaster guideline and this time they are strictly focusing on it. So, immediately "no follow" such links. Instead start using guest posts.

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How to Avoid Google Penguin Update Penalty

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