10 Ways Google Penguin Update will affect SEO

The release of Google Penguin Update has created a buzz among the SEO's due to its strict criteria for search engine rankings. Violating Penguin algorithm update could lead to the fall of website rankings significantly as a penguin penalty and thought to affect SEO significantly.


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Google Penguin update, the SEO algorithm from Google that already announced its latest update is about to change further the criteria for search engine rankings. As the Google search quality team head Matt Cuts put it before the official roll out of the latest update 2.0, that this time it is going to be deeper meaning in more ways Google Penguin update will affect SEO than earlier envisaged or measured. Ever since Google began to come up with regular algorithms adhering to its own webmaster guidelines we have observed a great array of effects to take shape in SEO place. Just go through most of the keyword searches, especially the popular ones and the difference will not fail to attract your attention. We no longer see such huge concentration of websites or web pages with poor content high above the search rankings. Now the next big thing that Google is seriously considering to tackle in order to augment the web experience is spam and doorway pages which are for long time remained as part of Black Hat SEO link schemes. Let us see now the top 10 ways that Google Penguin update will affect SEO.

  1. The link building scheme has to change completely and this will effect on sites dependant on bad links
  2. It is almost an established fact now that links are the potential dangerous targets that are increasingly becoming targets of Google webmaster guidelines and algorithm updates. One of the most important and prominent ways that Google Penguin update will affect SEO is by hitting those sites with bad links. Let us see what a bad link is and how it helps to deteriorate the user experience on web. If the links inside the content takes the reader to other pages that do not have any link with the search topic apart from business interest of promoting something, then it is bad link and this is precisely going to be a strict no-no with new Google Penguin update. Ask yourself are the links provided within the web content at all benefits the reader, if not get them removed.

  3. No more borrowing content from other sites to make your blog interesting
  4. Well, it is already a too repeated practice for countless bloggers world over. Many bloggers to sound more relevant depends on providing some YouTube video or news bites from other sites instead providing unique content of their own. As Google is extremely serious about uniqueness, many such blogs will face ranking down.

  5. Porno and other sites with highest spam linking will be hit most
  6. The primary and most important focus area behind Google Penguin update is indexing the spam and their sources to punish them with down ranking or black listing from search ranks in Google. Though spam is most common in porno or most of the marketing domains, there are many websites still leaning towards this Black Hat SEO tactics. Google penguin update will affect SEO scheme based on spam most ruthlessly than others and it is for our own web experience to get better.

  7. Once again clear focus will be on content rather than tricks
  8. We all know that how the Google webmaster guidelines urges to the web publishers, sites and bloggers to add value to the web as a platform of knowledge sharing and gaining benefit through genuine content rather than backdoor marketing tricks, but in real life all were going as usual until the wrath of Google Penguin really looked awesome. With the new Google Penguin update certainly once again the content will be in focus and web space in the time to come will depend increasingly on rich and unique content than anything else.

  9. Doorway sites and web pages will be most affected
  10. This is an old Black Hat SEO tactics that still now enjoys popularity with great many web ventures or sites with the primary agenda of web promotion or e-marketing. Typically a doorway site guides you on a page without content only with subsequent links to take you to other pages for promoting a product or service. Google Penguin update will affect SEO primarily for such activities that rely on misleading the web user rather than providing search word based content.

  11. Websites with little content and more marketing
  12. There are websites that offers a little content on the search tag, as little as a small paragraph and is crowded with advertisement and web links. This could work well for revenue generating if it had been a decade before, but with new Google algorithm you cannot get away with such a game. As expected the wrath of new Google Penguin update will be particularly severe on websites with little or no content.

  13. Websites and blogs with no regular updates
  14. This is though not particularly a Black Hat SEO tactics, but as these sites and blogs are detrimental to the overall web experience, it is always in the negative side of Google's ranking of sites on search tags. However good is your article base, if your site is not updated on a regular basis, it won't come in search rankings even though your blog or site has a great article base on that particular search topic. Google Penguin update will affect SEO for being backdated as well.

  15. Higher ranks for sites with specific expertise area
  16. Except the big encyclopedia sites like Wikipedia, Google is keen to reward those sides that have a specific area of expertise, be it medicine, tech, travel, film, news or anything else. Expertise driven websites can deliver richer and unique content than sites that deal with all kinds of topics and that is one way Google measures your web presence. So if you can create a niche of your content you can be rewarded as well with Google Penguin update taking effect.

  17. A strict no to keyword stuffing
  18. Again this is another backdoor tactics that is going to be severely punished with ranking down your websites. Many websites play the trick by simply staffing an otherwise unimportant or only basic information loaded content with heavy load of keywords just to come in the Google ranks. It is no longer so simple and almost impossible to rank well with such tactics, but if you still insist sticking to it, be prepared to face the wrath of Google Penguin update.

  19. Rewarding good outbound links

If your content is rich in outbound links that let the reader reach other web pages of similar content relevant to the topic, your website can be rewarded with good search ranks. Sometimes for people who are keen to add value to web experience Google Penguin update will affect SEO for better as well.

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10 Ways Google Penguin Update will affect SEO

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