Most Effective SEO Tools

There are so many free seo tools as well as paid SEO tools available in the market. Here you will find some most effective SEO tools available online. These are some of the best SEO tools that mostly used by webmasters and business promoters.


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The importance of search engine optimization or SEO is all too well known but it is equally the most controversial area concerning variety of debatable, illegitimate and backdoor practices. When your business interest focus on the most effective SEO tools to gain the search ranks without having any consideration to adding value for the web users, it comes under the scrupulous scanning mechanism of webmaster guidelines and subsequent penalties with down ranking or black listing. Thus a SEO tools which is more of a competent technical attribute geared towards hitting the search ranks can equally have negative and positive impact. Many of the most effective SEO tools are equally an alley for Black Hat SEO tactics and White Hat SEO strategy. SEO would only gain in relevance and importance, but how you deploy the tools to optimize results in search ranks that would determine your successive score on the web space. We would discuss here on different specialty areas of employing SEO tools and under each category would provide some of the well known SEO tools.

  1. Keyword research
  2. There is no better way to make your SEO campaign effective than doing extensive and in-depth keyword research. In present day web space where traffic is too particular about their preference of information and corresponding search title, keyword research is the primary area of consideration across the most effective SEO tools. If you can put your priority on keyword research you can expect to gain a far advanced lead and many of your weak points will just look insignificant if you have this done properly. If you are time to time informed by your SEO tools about the keywords with highest volume of search half of your concerns regarding SEO is already taken care of. Honestly telling keyword research is the first building block of your SEO campaign. Some of the most effective SEO tools, particularly for keyword research are Google Keyword Tool, Ubersuggest, HitTail, Micro Niche Finder, SpyFu, Keyword Elite, Market Samurai, Word Tracker, Long Tail Pro, Keyword Extreme, Keyword Spyglass, Keyword Ninja and many more.

  3. Link Building
  4. We all know the indispensable role of links for our web presence, in terms of traffic, commercial aspects or for making our website coherent to webmaster guidelines. When Google is most serious about bad links and overall commercially exploitive link schemes, to avoid facing denouncing of your web page or more grave penalties you must strike a balance between good, value adding link scheme as well as some links that directly give your business objectives an edge. There are great array of link building software and services but choosing something that suits your typical criteria is important. Some of the reputed link buildings tools you can choose from include Raven Tools, Ahrefs, SEO Moz Pro, Market Samurai, SEM Rush, SEO PowerSuite, Hubspot, Advanced Web Ranking and many more.

  5. Link Profiling and Analysis
  6. It is better not to consider all link tasks at the same bucket. Links make a website carry its weight and also it poses the potential danger of carrying too much business interests and thus depreciating the value for the web user. But considering all these aspects even then you just cannot leave aside your business interests that are taken care by the links. So having a separate focus on the link profiling and competitive analysis is always effective that in the long run would guide you better in more effective link building. Some of the most effective SEO tools that are particularly focused on link profiling and comparative analysis include Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer, Link Research Tools, Ontolo, Buzzstream, WhoLinkstoMe, Google Webmaster Central, Bing Webmaster Central and many more.

  7. Plagiarism Check
  8. Yes, finally we are in an area that is long considered by the webmasters, search engines and users as most problematic and more than anything if one aspect made the highest contribution in derogating user's experience in millions of cases it is nothing but duplicate, plagiarized or manipulated content. Truly there can be nothing as disastrous as and when you know that your content developer actually fooled you with many duplicated or part plagiarized part original content over a period of time and to your amazement you continued to be down ranked just because of that. Checking plagiarism or duplicated content is one of the most central aspects to the success of your web presence. There are great array of tools to choose from free online tools to fully owned software to online tools with a fee per page review system. While most of the websites still prefer Copyscape as the best comprehensive tool for this purpose, we can mention some other options including Perfect SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker,, Viper Plagiarism Checker, and many more.

  9. Content research
  10. In the new internet era after Google and all other search engines are increasing their focus on niche sites with specialized content that add value to the user's experience in the web, the importance of well written contents increased many folds. As the trend indicates in the coming time well researched content will play key role in site ranking across the search engines. Some content research tools can really make your SEO campaign fruitful. Some of the most effective SEO tools for content research include Google Insights, Inbound Writer, Google optimizer, Market Samurai, SEM Rush and many more.

  11. Site analysis
  12. You are already thinking if every part, like content, links, plagiarism, and keyword are analyzed specifically, then whether at all there is any need for overall site analysis. But dear friend a gross look at the whole website how it is configured and presented to obtain maximum benefits from your SEO drive would make you realize why analysis on the overall site performance is so important. There is no dearth of effective SEO tools that would point out all loops and holes of your site and indicate how better you can improve those scores. Some of the most effective SEO tools for site analysis include Webmaster Tools, WooRank, Site Trail, SEO Moz Pro, HubSpot Page Grader and HubSpot Marketing Grader and many more.

  13. Competition Analysis
  14. Undoubtedly analyzing competitors stand in the same niche is to be always a focus area and unquestionably you are far advanced in terms of ranking and achieving business targets if you can always learn from your competitors. A good competition analysis tools would provide you data and analytical insight in four major categories, respectively as keywords, ranking, link and authority. There are great array of tools that would time to time replenish you with analytical insights and data on other competitors in your niche area on the web. Some of the most important tools that deserve to be recommended for competition analysis include Site Comparison, Keyword Spy, Analytics SEO, WebCEO Online and many more.

  15. Measuring Page Speed
  16. Obviously a web user today what demands today is your web presence to be smarter enough to respond to the increasing demand of speed and agility. So having a great SEO package with a crawling page speed it would only ruin the fruits of all your labor. There are plenty of most satisfactory SEO tools for measuring page speed of your website and you would always be warned by them whenever there is a drop in subsequent page speed. Undoubtedly tools specialized for measuring page speed is indispensable from your comprehensive SEO tool pack. Some of the most recommended tools in this category include Google PageSpeed, Website Loading Time, Web Page Analyzer and many more.

  17. Social Media Networking
  18. These days companies, websites, bloggers to anyone with any amount of web presence are increasingly dependent on their social media profiles and sharing to obtain best possible feedback that can influence their page view and ranking. There are array of most effective SEO tools for managing your social media profiles and link sharing. Besides search engine marketing social media marketing has a lot of advantages to offer for a web entrepreneur. Klout, Cyfe, SlideShare, SproutSocial, TweetReach, Group Tweet, Percolate, Contaxio, HubSpot, are just few of the most recommended tools in this category.

  19. SEO Project Management

After all such tools and technical juggleries at the end of the day how as a webmaster you manage your site with all the bits and pieces together that would determine your domination in search ranks and prospective business output. For your SEO campaign there are some tools that can make you feel lighter by relieving the burden of complex management overview or so called project management tools. LinkDex, Traffic Travis, linkbird, Raven Tools, Cognitive SEO are just few of the most recommended tools for SEO project management.

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Most Effective SEO Tools

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