Writing an Unique Article Having the Potential of Making Clients Run For You

This page discusses - Writing an Unique Article Having the Potential of Making Clients Run For You


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Writing an Unique Article Having the Potential of Making Clients Run For You


Whoa! Beware, a virus is out there. No, No, we are not talking about computer viruses or bird flu virus. It's the ?Sameness virus? that is infecting the article writing world today.

Just have a look at the articles which are circulated on the internet through ezines, websites and so on. You would soon recognize the problem. Most of these articles are nearly the same. Same tips and list formats are presented every now and then with just a bit of changes in their presentation style as it is believed that the prospect's attention must be catched atleast 7 times for making them to buy more than one time from you. If you have spent a good amount of time on the internet browsing through these articles, you might just get a feeling that the writers must have liked the good old song of Sesame Street a bit too much and hence they don't want to try anything different.

You might tend to think that you have become immune as you can visualize all those things which have set your work apart as compared to other articles. But, that's not enough. It is important that your readers also understand the difference and for that you must get rid of ?Sameness virus?. But, it's not your fault either as you are just following someone else's instructions for writing your articles. You may have written an exemplary article and added a few supplements of content addressing your client's questions which are most frequently asked. You would have then submitted or posted these articles to websites, newsletters, etc. and have tried your best for accomplishing your work's significance to your client's purpose. But, sadly all these efforts may go to vain because of the sameness of a number of such articles which can be found online.

The problem with sameness is just this. Even if you feel that you have put in a lot of effort for writing your articles, but the readers or clients are unable to see that. They only verify the article's content which if found common, leads to providing ordinary returns on it and you would be unable to increase your clientele. It is very important that the articles must be written in the right way. If done right, articles can act as 24*7 salespeople who are consistently busy in bringing new business to you. Sameness virus, which is coursing through the entire system of article writing, must be cured if you want your articles to work harder.

Some resources which might be utilized for curing the dreaded Sameness virus are:

  • Pop : It's a Sam Horn work dealing with standing out in crowds for the perspective of writing articles.
  • NewsletterSpa.com
  • Brain Tattoos : It's a Karen Post work dealing with creating brands which stick into the minds of the customers due to their uniqueness.

If you are unique, then it doesn't imply that you do not belong to some place. Infact, whenever people set out for blazing their very own unique trail through articles which can only be written by them, loads of readers and clients will straightaway get attracted to your work and flock towards you.

Hence, it is extremely important to understand the fact that if you want to make a mark amongst the loads of others article writers all over the world, then you must first of all start working in a new direction and discard the Sameness virus to infect your articles altogether. Within a short span of time, you would experience the benefits of uniqueness in the form of an increased clientele and growing business.