Writing Articles for Showcasing Your Knowledge or Changing Lives?

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Writing Articles for Showcasing Your Knowledge or Changing Lives?

This page discusses - Writing Articles for Showcasing Your Knowledge or Changing Lives?

This page discusses - Writing Articles for Showcasing Your Knowledge or Changing Lives?

Writing Articles for Showcasing Your Knowledge or Changing Lives?


Performing any task requires a motivation which propels you to scale new heights in that particular job. But it is very important that you chose the right motivation source. Otherwise you are yourself to blame for your downfall. Articles writers also have several sources of motivation. Some of them enjoy writing articles because they get immense pleasure in penning their thoughts, for others changing lives of themselves and their fellowmen is the motivation source while some like to write articles just because it gives them a medium of showcasing their knowledge superiority over some subjects or topics.

Only those article writers, who enjoy sharing their knowledge as well as helping their readers in applying it for reaping benefits from it, are able to succeed in the long run. The prime objective of writing articles must always be changing lives and not simply covering material. Writing articles brings along with it dual responsibilities. These are:

Simplifying Information ?

It helps the readers in easily understanding the ideas or concepts in the article.

Summarizing Concepts ?

It helps the readers in applying the ideas or concepts of the article so that it can possibly change their lives.

Amongst the various reasons why readers hunt for articles on the internet, few prominent ones can be listed down as below:

  1. Making money.
  2. Meeting their needs.
  3. Saving money.
  4. Seeking pleasure.
  5. Avoiding pain.

Whenever you are writing articles, you should always remember to address a couple of these subjects in a manner which can be easily understood by your readers. By doing this, you lay a foundation for helping them in changing their lives which is much more praiseworthy than just covering material in the articles written by you.

Some useful tips for helping the readers in changing their lives are:

Identify And Understand Your Niche:

You should first of all identify the needs, pains, desires and problems of your readers. You should find out what kinds of questions are raging up in their lives so that you can offer your expertise in answering them. For this you will be required to ask questions to your readers so that you can come to know about their needs. If you do not have sufficient time for carrying out all these activities before writing articles, you can select a bunch that according to you would ideally represent your niche and gather all the required information from this group. The act of writing articles must be preceded by analyzing the answers of these people and comparing them with your knowledge and perception.

Problems Should Be Targeted So That Solutions Can Be Presented:

You should seriously consider all the problems which are prevalent in your niche and provide your expert assistance in possibly solving them to the extent possible. You might just come up with the best solution to their problems. If you are unable to satisfy the help requirements of your readers, don't worry. They will themselves come to know whether they have discovered the correct solution or not.

The Bottom Line Should Be Made Obvious:

Even if the article is written properly and in an easily understandable manner, readers may still face problem in applying the received information or help. Hence, to ease their problem you must describe the crunch or bottom line of your article in just one sentence at the article's end.

Final Word:

You can experiment with various writing templates for increasing your article's appeal towards maximum number of readers. Article should always be written on topics about which you are passionate as it will make your work even more effective.