Making Money by Writing Articles on the Internet

This page discusses - Making Money by Writing Articles on the Internet


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Making Money by Writing Articles on the Internet


Internet has revolutionized each and every aspect of our lives to say the least. Numerous earning opportunities are also provided by the internet to common people. Article writing is one of them and it probably is the most simple yet sought after work on the internet.

Staggering Growth:

Every year we pay loads of money to various companies for hosting our websites. On account of the unprecedented growth of the internet in the last few years, these online organizations have flourished tremendously. According to a research published recently, there were about 2.6 million internet websites in the year 1998. This figure grew by about 3 times in 2 years and there were nearly 7.1 million websites in 2000. By 2006, the number of websites which existed on the internet was recorded to be nearly 2 billion in number. Hence the number of websites on the internet grew by about 280 times from 2000-2006. This is absolutely tremendous news for all the people who desire to enter the online business as the opportunities available these days are in plenty. This figure continues to grow perennially even today and this phenomenon is expected to continue for several years to come.

Good News:

This growth also brings along good news for those people who don't own online companies or huge firms which hosts websites. Even these people can now reap huge profits on account of this staggering growth in the online market. Instead of paying huge sums of money to these companies, they can opt for joining affiliate programs with these companies hosting their websites and chances are that you would be soon receiving paychecks from these companies instead of you making payments to them. These affiliate programs of web hosting companies can be joined for free and you will receive a fixed proportion of the profits which will occur on account of the sales generated due to your efforts. Suppose, if you are successful in sending 100 people through your efforts to the company hosting websites and out of these 100 people even if only 3 open accounts with that company of about $10 monthly then you would also receive a fixed proportion out of the $30 generated due to your work and affiliate efforts. Suppose if 50 accounts are opened by these 100 people over the time span of 1 year, you would be entitled to earn a fixed proportion of the monthly $500 generated due to your efforts. The proportion of the generated amount which a company pays to their affiliates varies from one company to another.

Affiliate programs require a lot of hard work on your part if you want to succeed in a manner that instead of paying to the company hosting your website, you will start receiving pay checks on a monthly basis from them only. You are required to market your program to the visitors for convincing them to visit the associate company website. Writing articles is one of the many available methods for fulfilling this requirement. Free advertising and blogging are some other popular methods. You should always begin with free methods so that you can easily back out later if you feel that you are not earning enough money or getting unmanageable work.

Final Word:

Such affiliate programs are offered by loads of web hosting companies on the internet which you can easily get to know by conducting a simple Google search. You should always ensure to register for affiliate programs with reputable sites only. As can be seen, even a simple job of writing articles can be of so much value when used appropriately.