Get an Editor to polish your pages

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Get an Editor to polish your pages


By getting an editor to go through the content that you wish to publish, you will be definitely getting an edge other people who do not do this. An editor will correct all the minor and major discrepancies and will give the whole text a sophisticated feel.

Improvement in grammar and spelling will improve the credibility of your site as bad language makes the users lose confidence in the material that they will find on your site. Editors can also make content suggestions whether they find the material sufficient and if not then what else needs to be added and what are the sources to be tracked.

An editor can also function as a usability tester meaning that if there is any particular aspect about which you need feedback so he can do that for you. There are not just people that you can hire as editors but there are softwares too that function as editors and give you their reports online and in print both.

Good editors generally steer clear of hyphenation also proper emphasis is given to grammar, punctuation, spellings etc. If the editing is to be done after the content has already been put on the web then you will need to seek permission to edit the site.

Once this permission is sought then chose the page that you intend to edit. Change the www in the URL to dev. and then press enter. After this click the file button and chose edit with Microsoft FrontPage. If the edit button is grey, then type index.shtml at the end of the URL. After this is done type in your login use name that is your outlook name and also if required the domain to wwu.

Save the changes that you made to the web page by clicking on save from the file menu and move ahead to the next page. After you have edited all the pages you wished to then you need to fill out a tech- request for copying the edited pages to the World Wide Web, WWW.

After this begin the editing process. This could consist of just about anything whether updating any facts or statistics regarding any search etc. It should be realized that the editing process is not a formality but a necessity to keep you in the business. If the content of the site is not constantly reviewed then the user traffic will definitely get depleted as stale information is not welcome anywhere.

For instance your site is based upon a particular topic concerning the masses say Aids, and if there is some new research which reveals an eye opener about the illness and users looking for the details of this research reach your site but do not find anything then automatically your credibility diminishes.

Editing can also be done on the basis of the user response that you might get through feedbacks. This is very important because first of all you will know that your website is being taken seriously and then your audience might be expanding and so are their needs. There is nothing better than catering to the needs of the users.

Editing should not be reduced to a onetime process but should be a constant feature in the maintenance of your website.

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Get an Editor to polish your pages

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