How to promote your writing through your website

This page discusses - How to promote your writing through your website

How to promote your writing through your website


You are a writer? Are you fed up with how to promoting your latest book? Tired of the endless running around after the publishers and being at their beck and call for promotional ventures? So here is an easy way to promote your book, through your own website.

The catch remains how will you present your book and also how easy is it to access your website? Because 90% Americans have access to the internet and are willing to know about the book provided they can access the information online.

You can ask your publisher to suggest a designer to create a website for you. This will also help the work of the publisher no doubt, so cajole him with that.

Following are some of the tips that you require to keep in mind while taking up this venture and for sure you are going to increase your popularity and the sales of your book too.

A User friendly Home Page

A user will come to your site but if it’s not easy to use then he will skip it and move on. After all he has lots of other choices online. How can you make your home page user friendly? A page is user friendly when it makes sense. The language used to describe conventional things should be kept conventional so as to make the user aware where a link will lead him to.

Easy to Find Books

When promoting your writing is your basic aim then make sure that your books get a mention and a link leading to them right on the home page. You can always create a link like ‘Books by Me’. You can also display the cover of your latest book on the home page at the top or at the top middle or top left of the page. To impress a customer with your book you first need to make its presence felt.

Link to selling the Book

Congratulations so you have managed to impress the user with your book. So why not encash this moment? You should have a link ready so that the reader can purchase your book online, he might not be the sorts to rush o a store and buy books. The link to buy the book could lead to another site too but make sure it’s accessible and not complicated.

Offering a newsletter

You have gotten users to your site then why lose out on them? Make them your permanent visitors? Now you are wondering how to ensure this? Offer them a free newsletter. This newsletter that you will offer them should contain some original content of interest to them. A little time and sacrifice is what it takes, but this could make you the New York Times best selling author.

Updating and constant inputs to the site

If you want to skip out on the newsletter you could take that risk but constant updating of your site is a must that you need to do in order to keep up the user traffic. The material that you are providing should have enough zing to keep the users form going away. It could be a weekly journal or the progress of some novel that is drawing the crowds.

Offering a press release

There is a lot of scope for online material. Editors and freelancers are looking for interesting new topics to write about. When you offer a press release you are providing the media an opportunity to interview you and also let them know why you are worth being interviewed.

Remember that online promotion has been a reciprocal business; it leads to word of mouth and eventually to money.