Mistakes To Be Avoided While Writing Articles

This page discusses - Mistakes To Be Avoided While Writing Articles


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Mistakes To Be Avoided While Writing Articles


The basic strategy involved in writing articles which can be presented for reprints through ezine publishers as well as other webmasters is to attract large amounts of people who are pre-qualified to visit your website.

7 mistakes which must be avoided in order to make your article eligible for massive distribution or picking up by others are:

  • Excessive Grammatical, Punctuation And Spelling Errors:

    Other than proofing of your article by others, writing paragraphs which can be clearly defined is also very much necessary. Just imagine how boring it may get if you have to read a huge text blob containing 20 continuous sentences.

    Nowadays, readers usually just scan the article to gather small pieces of information which are easy to digest. This is called ?info-snacking? and going into details of each article is a thing of the past now.

    The whole article must be written in only one person. Whatever person you are using, be it first person (me, I), second person (we, you, us) or third person (them, they, she, he), consistency must be maintained throughout the article.  

  • Article Content Not Concentrating On Reader's Needs And Preferences:

    Always write articles by putting yourself in the reader's shoes and finding out what he/she needs from the article. Reader's wants can be researched by conducting audience surveys or doing keyword researches for search engines to understand reader's requirements.

  • Too Much Bragging, Self-Promotion And Hype:

    The article body should never be filled with hype, deliberate self-promotion or unjustified links for visiting your sites. You can never outsmart the readers with your egotism. It is always better to conduct pitching or selling activity of your company through a RESOURCE BOX which is placed below the article body as these boxes usually get a CTR of about 3%. Hence, its advantage must be taken by not trying very hard to sell in the article body.

  • Content Of Article Being Superficial Or Broad:

    Details on narrow topics should always be properly defined, explained, related and presented by using numbered lists or bullet points. Article conciseness, originality, detailing or offering expertise on the topic is important for your article's success.
  • Plagiarizing:

    Researching the internet in order to find article ideas is O.K but copying them by keeping each word as itself is totally unacceptable. Paraphrasing is also nothing less than plagiarizing. Originality is a must and each word of your article must be a creation of your mind for increasing its chances of attaining a higher market value and you will earn creative satisfaction too. Similarly, buying some article for attaining a license for using them exclusively is also a bad idea as then number of people will claim the article. Hence, you must make sure of attaining exclusive rights over the article before outsourcing it to various ghost writers.
  • Headline As Well As Article Summary Being Non-Catchy:

    Headline is 95% responsible for your article's success. Depending on its quality, readers will either read or discard your article for other articles. Interest can only be created in the reader's mind if the article headline or introduction is catchy. The article headline must be kept simple and brief. Tools for keyword researches can be used for optimizing the article title.
  • Overloading The Article's Resource Box:
    Resource box should not be overloaded with dozens of website addresses. Couple of URL's is good enough for increasing the article distribution rate. For increasing the resource box's effectiveness, we can register domain names for each affiliate link that we will include in it. These domain names must refresh or rewrite to the affiliate links.
Avoid these 7 mistakes for increasing your article's success probabilities.
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Mistakes To Be Avoided While Writing Articles

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