Article Marketing ? Time-Sensitive vs. Timeless Information

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Article Marketing ? Time-Sensitive vs. Timeless Information

This page discusses - Article Marketing ? Time-Sensitive vs. Timeless Information

This page discusses - Article Marketing ? Time-Sensitive vs. Timeless Information

Article Marketing ? Time-Sensitive vs. Timeless Information



Bulks of all the articles which are posted online by authors are timeless articles. These articles have no time reference and are independent of current events and obsolescence risks.

Writing timeless articles is a fabulous solution for those authors who are making a living out of writing articles as timeless articles get re-printed over time within a number of websites. Depending on your article's initial marketing, they may get added to websites time and again for several years to come. This signifies that not many website owners are interested in reading articles before posting them and no matter what; these articles keep circulating. Some good titles for writing timeless articles are:

  • Art of submitting articles.
  • Art of writing articles.
  • Information about the best article directories throughout the world.
  • Hiring the correct copywriter.

These are general topics providing information which will remain useful for several years.

Articles Can Be Time-Sensitive:

These appear as some kind of news such as world news, lawsuits, press releases on business, government elections, etc. These articles are fresh and have a unique content. If you are making a living out of writing articles, try to submit articles which are time-sensitive only rarely and never frequently as they do not always get passed along through various websites. Success of these articles depends on market, content quality and the industry. By writing both time-sensitive as well as timeless articles you can convey that you have the knowledge and quality required to lead the industry.

Which One Is Better Amongst The Two?

  • Timeless Articles:

    Pros: These articles find buyers and generate rewards which can be reaped by us for several years to come after they are created and submitted to online article directories. They help in producing residual income as they are re-produced several times worldwide.

    Cons: They get comparatively less attraction than time-sensitive articles as timeless articles are quite cheaper and usually in their case, many authors write about similar stuff. The content of the both the articles are approximately same and only better authors are successful in generating more traffic.

  • Time-Sensitive Articles:

    Pros: If posted at the correct time and with good content, these articles may get selected by the most popular and biggest news websites and news publications throughout the world within a short span of time. Although many times you must have good contacts and a well known reputation for increasing your article's exposure otherwise it will never get its deserving exposure.

    Cons: These articles usually take huge amounts of time for striking big. Hence, the reward vs. effort ratio gets outweighed as a lot of time goes in writing, researching and submitting these articles before they go big.

General Rule:

If you desire to commence writing or if you are writing a lot of articles, always acquaint yourself with the basics for getting recognized as a professional prior to your efforts of introducing yourself in the form of an expert of some industry offering latest industry news. By adopting a less frequency of writing time-sensitive articles, we would not be required to worry too much about the industry happenings.

Date Should Not Be Posted Within Your Notice Of Copyright:

People are only interested in reading recent online articles. Hence, if you put a date, your article might not be taken seriously and read by the visitors after it gets outdated. Webmasters also sometimes discard outdated articles as publishers want fresh stuff and not an overused and outdated article. Hence, time-stamping could be disastrous for your article's success.


Timeless articles help you in establishing yourself in the form of an expert. After establishing, you can resort to writing one-off time-sensitive articles.