Free Article Editorial Test of 7 Points

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Free Article Editorial Test of 7 Points


Distribution of free articles is one of the most popular methods adopted by internet marketers these days. But, the scenario was quite different a few years back. SEO's, self-promoting writers, and business owners were not always so accepting about the advantages of distributing free articles.

But, like all other good ideas of marketing, distribution of free articles is a totally done deal now. Nowadays articles are used by just about everyone wanting to promote their websites. This increased competition has led to the flooding of the ezines and other online article directories by poorly written, quickly composed and badly formatted articles. Mostly, the topics of all the new articles are often boring. This has led to the formation of a total mess on the ezines and article directories. For e.g. most of the articles providing tips and hints these days are extremely poorly informed which can be judged by reading their content which has most likely been taken by their authors from poorly written blogs, magazine articles and forums.

Rehashing information doesn't give you the credibility of an expert regardless of the amount of articles that you upload for improving your archive service rating. The ability of explaining principles, basic as well as advanced, on a particular topic is the identification of an expert. These articles are usually published on Yahoo! or Google Adsense carrying websites. These articles are used largely by web spammers on cheap domains and free blogs. Not many people care to read these articles on such websites. Marketers and spammers earn their main revenue from the clicks made by visitors on advertisements. Such marketing advices are good for nothing.

Genuine internet marketers do not care about carrying JavaScript commercials on their web pages. They post quality content which is both interesting as well as useful for the readers. Few simple yet useful tips for improving your article's quality and chances of getting praise from readers are:

  • The content of the article must be unique. Don't go for topics which have already been written or rather done and dusted several times.
  • Avoid spelling errors due to typographic mistakes.
  • Employ the services of spell-checker for mending the typographical errors.
  • Substantial information should be shared in your articles for improving their informative content providing detailed information for doing something or about the topic's background.
  • Avoid recommending Wikipedia or even using it as a reliable information source as far as possible.
  • Select your words carefully for improving the grace of your article. For e.g. you and me should be used in place of yourself and myself.
  • Don't promote your services or products in the article. Only the signature section should be used for carrying your advertisements.
  • Distribution services of free articles provide a means of conveying our ideas and concepts to people. Hence, originality is a mandatory requirement if you want to impress your audience. Otherwise by presenting worn out and several times repeated ideas, you will cut a sorry figure in your audience's eyes and risk losing them forever.
  • Don't consider articles as a resource for promoting websites only. Be truly passionate about your work and share some really cool information in your articles otherwise the readers will just move on.
You should always put in a lot of hard work as well as your finest efforts for being successful in convincing the people that your free articles come along with a huge amount of useful information and professional perspective on some specific subject. If you want to achieve this, then the utmost requirement is extreme hard work and top-class efforts on your part and nothing short of this.