What is Android Application Framework?

Android tutorial explaining the concept What is Android Framework and What is the Architecture of Android Framework. Also, Android or Android technology and developing App using Android Framework.

Almost the whole world equivocally can say they know one or two things about android which for some time in the common people's perception has almost become a term synonymous to a mobile technology platform. But for the tech wizards and curious learners this term demands much more clarification and this article on android application framework is just a small initiative to satiate their queries. But before we come to define and explain various aspects of android application framework we must explain a bit regarding the Android technology as our necessary ground work for discussion.

What is Android?

Android or Android technology or more emphatically Android operating platform is a stack of software for mobile devices. This stack of mobile devices consists of different layers that include an operating system, middleware and key applications to run on the operating platform.

What is Android Application Framework?

Now like most of the major software and operating platforms on the earth Android also comes with a software development kit which is termed commonly as Android SDK. Android SDK provides you the API libraries and tools for building and developing new applications on Android operating environment using the java programming language. This procedure of developing the applications on Android platform in java programming language using the tools and API libraries provided by Android SDK is called as Android Application Framework.

Basic Features supported Android Application Framework

Android Application Framework supports the features that made us use and enjoy the wide range of applications for variety of uses. Here are some of the important features:

  1. WebKit engine based integrated browser.
  2. Optimized graphics powered by the advanced graphics library.
  3. SQL for storage of structured data.
  4. For various types of video, audio and image formats media support.
  5. Device emulator, tools for debugging, etc.

In the above mentioned list we did not mention some of the hardware dependant features as these tend to largely vary as per the device, though nevertheless android application framework support them. Some of the device dependant features supported by android include GSM telephony, network connection profiles such as Bluetooth, Edge, 3G, WiFi, utility features such as camera, compass, GPS, etc.

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What is Android Application Framework?

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