Top 10 Health Applications for Android

The Android applications are booming with diverse range of core medical as well as health and fitness sector. To pick out top 10 health applications for Android is really not so easy task. To selecting 10 best health apps for Android we to focus every segment of its categories i.e. radiology to nutrition, yoga & fitness, drug reference to medical diagnosis through various device and applications.

Just fairly within a little more than one year Android application seem to be booming with diverse range of core medical as well as health and fitness applications and today most of the big names in medical applications are available on Android platform. To choose top 10 health applications for android is really not so easy a task with hundreds of great applications practically belonging to each and every segment from diagnostic feedback like radiology to nutrition to yoga and fitness to drug reference to medical diagnosis through the device and applications. In choosing the selected most preferred health applications for Android we have tried to present the most dominant ones from each category.

  1. Medscape
  2. Considering the great following and popularity that Medscape is continuing to enjoy among the health practitioners who are using any smart handheld devices it is still now one of the most widely referred health applications for Android or any other platforms. With more than 2 million active users its dominance among the health applications remained unchallenged. Besides providing detailed clinical information on 8000+ brand, generic and OTC drugs with details of interactions, prescribing guidelines, etc. it also provides regular medical news from Medscape news, provides critical alerts and let you email and save articles or share them on social media.

  3. Doctor+ Dictionary
  4. This is really a hidden gem in the Google Play store with great drug database yet being extremely lite on memory. The application provide detailed drug database with reference to clinical uses, interactions and side effects. Among the hundreds of drug reference and medical dictionary applications it is surely one great application to stand out as a clear winner because of its easy maneuverability and clear user interface.


  5. Skyscape Medical Resources
  6. If you simply want to judge one medical resource application on account of deliverables and the range it covers nothing can match Skyscape Medical Resources. It is equally a great drug reference, a warehouse of great array of expert medical information on a wide variety of medical topics and a repository of some of the best medical calculator tools. It is true that if you have Skyscape you may not need to download variety of medical applications for different purposes.

  7. Web MD Mobile
  8. The online medical guide Web MD is well acclaimed for its expertise driven medical guidance that provides great array of informative articles on diverse range of diseases, symptoms, medicines, treatments, preventive measures, modern research outputs, etc. The medical knowledge reserve of the site is now available through its respective Android and iPhone application and it can work as a constant medical guidebook on different diseases and health disorders.

  9. Epocrates
  10. If any drug reference application to be cited across the iOS and Android platforms, nothing can be referred as popular as Epocrates with more than 1 million active members and more than 50% of US physicians using the application as their most preferred drug reference. As a drug reference it is a complete application with thousands of generic, branded and OTC drugs covered along with their prescribing risks, interactions, safety information, medical news and research information and many more. The application is loaded with a great array of medical calculators making the application practically of irreplaceable value for the practicing physicians.

  11. 1000+ Disease with Symptoms
  12. As a medical practitioner suddenly it occurs that you cannot remember the symptoms of an uncommon flu that you are facing all of a sudden in a patient and for such occasions this great Android application can really come handy. 1000+Disease with Symptoms is one of the most popular and widely downloaded health applications for Android because of its easy to use interface and detailed medical definition, symptom guide and reference on 1000+ diseases. If you are either a medical professional or a student this application is simply a must have one.

  13. Doctor at Home
  14. For many common and regular illness we do not need to go through medical checkup at all provided we have sufficient know how of what to do and how to address this apparently simple health disturbances with appropriate home measures. This beautiful application can really make an expert of you in traditional home remedies for some chronic or simple health disorders like cough and cold, fever, stomach upset. The application comes with detailed guidance showing pictures of different health conditions and remedies along with ingredients of home remedies and how to use them in different health conditions. Most important of all this knowledge that comes to your aid is absolutely free of cost on Google play.

  15. Blood Pressure Watch
  16. Measuring blood pressure through the smart phone is not that new anymore but this application comes handy for the purpose as it is loaded with feature that can generate time to time history of your blood pressure. The application is very user friendly and can accurately keep track of the pressure reading along with time and date of reading taken. It automatically makes entries of historical reports of your blood pressure in a disciplined and timely manner to let you observe the reading for a time span to judge how normal, gradual or hectic it became so to understand your BP trend either by you or by physician.

  17. Office Yoga
  18. There is no better relief to regular work stress than practicing a few yoga exercises at your convenience, but when we hardly get relieved during the weekdays to keep separate schedule for yoga we can try a few effective exercises sitting at our desk at office. This lucid application let you practice simple easy to maneuver poses with comprehensive text, image and audio guide. There are 9 sets of yoga exercises all of which can be practiced only sitting at your desk and without making much of a circus to upset the onlookers.

  19. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker from My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is already a too popular and favorite fitness application on Android platform, but this one is even surpassing their popularity because of its great nutritional database and easy maneuvering interface that in two seconds come with the nutritional facts regarding your consumed food and beverages. It is enriched with more than 2,000,000 items of food stuff in its database depending upon which the application would provide you accurate nutritional value of the food you have consumed. As far as choosing a nutrition based application is concerned this one is the best of the lot among the health applications for Android.

Honorable Mention: Cardiograph

It definitely deserves a mention even though at the end of our list of top 10 health applications for Android. Use of smart phones and handheld devices for medical diagnostic purposes opened a new door to health monitoring and watch and this smart application is an appropriate example of this phenomenon. Cardiograph can accurately measure your heartbeat just through your mobile screen without use of any additional device, all you have to do is to tap your finger on the screen and the application shows you the exact reading of your heartbeat. Every reading is saved in the personal history within the application that over a time would make a convenient report of your cardiac condition. Through the same applications different persons can measure their heart rate and in that case application would make different profiles with respective cardiac history.

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Top 10 Health Applications for Android

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