Android Studio: Google's replacement to Eclipse

Google in order to make it easy for the Android developers recently launched its own android development kit 'Android Studio', that has come out to be a cool replacement for the Eclipse, which was used by the developers for app development earlier.

Android Studio is a new Android app development kit based on IntelliJ IDEA that is much easier to install and use unlike previously used software Eclipse for android app development.

android studio

The Android Studio has been developed with the collaboration of JetBrains and is based on powerful IntelliJ IDEA Community version. Moreover, the new Android Studio is an IDE for which the software comes directly from Google's servers and provides integrated Android developer tools for development and debugging.

In addition to that, several features are available in the software that makes the work of the android developers quite easy as well as fast. Let us discuss the major features of recently launched Android studio that promises to be more alluring to the developers:

Extensible Gradle-based build tools

It is very necessary for a developer to develop a system that meets all your project requirements and can further keep in pace with the ongoing developments. The new android studio's Gradle-based build support that provides great flexibility, variance and customization. Moreover, using this build system you can build your projects both on your IDE and continuous integrations servers. In addition to that, you can preview your documentation to check the functions of the new build system.

Rich layout editor

Android Studio is integrated with a powerful code editor. Based on the IntelliJ IDEA editor, it supports features like smart editing, advanced code refactoring, inline resource lookups and deep static code analysis. These attractive features make it quite easy to read the codes, edit code, identify bugs quickly, customized code inspection. In addition to that, Android API is integrated with metadata which analyze your code and find possible errors to fix.

Advance and rich GUI

Android Studio provides great drag-and-drop set of tools for designing your Android layouts, which allows you preview your layouts on different devices like phone or tablet on multiple screen configurations easily.

Easy accessibility to Google services

Android Studio provides easy accessibility to Google services, where you can add various services directly from the IDE. Services like Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), ADT Translation Manager Plugin and other plugins to export apps from Google play and translate your app using Google's cloud to make it ready for foreign markets.

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Android Studio: Google's replacement to Eclipse

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