Top 10 Business Applications for Android

There are multitude of business applications for Android platform that serve different business & professional necessities, from productivity to analytical tool, social media to workplace communication, non-device specific data access and storage and many more. Here we go with our picks of top 10 business applications for Android.

Mobile applications are practically ruling every field of life, from professional space to personal life to fitness and health to nutrition. We today get productive with productive tools on the mobile screen, get educated on the go through an array of applications, get involved in business communication through these applications or book an air ticket through them. Although they are encompassing our life in all aspects, business applications are more popular than any other categories. There are multitude of business applications for Android platform that serve different business and professional necessities, from productivity to analytical tool to social media to workplace communication to non-device specific data access and storage and many more. Among the millions of professional business applications to choose a handful is quite a task simply because the difference between the top of the shelf applications is so little to judge their superiority over others in the same category. Here we go with our picks of top 10 business applications for Android.

  1. Zoho CRM
  2. Applications for maintaining a single window customer relationship and sales tracking is often considered as godsends and Zoho CRM is the best choice for a small business venture that strives to grow. Though Zoho is simple to use with easy user interface as your business grows you can expect this application to fit your emerging business volume and information flow. It is first class sales and marketing automation tool with rigorous focus on business contact management and maintaining your business communication record for producing business insights. This award winning top of the table CRM solution and business application for Android does not need any backup software or server support. It is once and for all hosted for helping you grow.

  3. Slashtop 2
  4. Our computing environment is still now for a greater part switched to cloud and so when you are on the go there is reason enough that you would like to connect to your remote desktop for accessing crucial files. This application is just a smart way to connect your desktop or several PCs right from your handheld device from a remote location. Besides gaining access to your entire documents and media library this application allows you to enjoy direct video streaming on local network. The application is much faster than others in the same category and won several awards for its performance.

  5. Skype
  6. Without mentioning Skype no list of utility business applications for Android or for any other platform can be complete. Skype has a global unmatched appeal for its seamless real time video calling output. Skype offers really a gamut of features for the social media savvy generation. With more than 250 million subscribers it is very probable to find all your dear ones on Skype. Here in Skype nobody is barring you to communicate in every possible way to your heart's content to whoever you want and wherever you want absolutely free. From sharing your favorite snaps to making international video calls all comes so easy and free on Skype. For any executive or business professional on the move it is the best way to get connected in real time.

  7. CardToContact
  8. Taking business card information into contact list with a smart application your Android phone is the very basic business utility function that anybody would like to go with, especially for day to day business contacts when we are presented volumes of business cards from fellow professionals, clients and important acquaintances. CardToContact let you save the details of the card in your respective contact location as soon as you photographed the card with your device camera. It is equipped with a easy search interface and extremely lite on your memory.

  9. Documents to Go
  10. With more than 25 million downloads and 750,000 paid users this one of the most popular business applications for Android platform and for file sharing purpose it is one of the few to have been preferred across business community. With this application you can access your Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files through bidirectional syncing with your desktop and other devices. You can create, edit and view all your files at ease irrespective of the device and your location. The application also enables password protection and access to Google Docs files.

  11. QR Code Generator
  12. Two dimensional matrix barcode which for some years has been extremely popular as a security measure to protect documents and information can be a good means to protect your mails and shared documents from unexpected breaches of privacy, especially when you are in a business tour or making journey. With this application you can convert your mails and documents to QR code to stop any type of data theft or breaches of privacy.

  13. Small Business Accounting
  14. How about managing all your business establishment's accounts right from your handheld device? Yes, that is no longer just a distant possibility anymore as with such applications you can conveniently track your sales figure, transaction status, customer contacts and business records in one place and get access to bit of information just with few finger tapings on the screen through its extremely easy to use interface. From getting complete information regarding client to managing all the invoices and receipts to calculating the tax overhead, all you can do in seconds.

  15. MailChimp
  16. Emailing business newsletters, especially for marketing is a all too common practice, but when they are integrated with social media it can prove really effective. MailChimp is an application for exactly such a purpose. Besides integrating the social media it is also equipped with Google analytics and other tools to assess the response and business outcome. It manages your newsletter subscriber lists, track marketing campaign performance and helps you to sync your email marketing with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

  17. Movenote
  18. Movenote is really unique in its presentation of documents and that is one reason behind its soaring popularity as a business application for Android and other smart phone platforms. The application works in syncing with Google Drive to let your documents reach from one device to the other using cloud and then besides presenting those documents you can record a video in real time on your mobile device and add it with the text to augment the effect. People no longer take so much interest to read as they prefer to watch a video describing anything and that is how video presentation alongside text is so popular in business communication.

  19. Open ERP

Enterprise resource planning or ERP is one of the crucial business segments that make countless professionals remain occupied working with business data, insights and calculations. Today even small firms or business ventures are extremely focused on the need of proper ERP in their business process, but if you are a starter with the implementation of ERP for your small business, this application right from your Android device can deliver you much more than what you are looking for. The application offers an integrated database of different business segments like sales and services, finance and accounting, marketing, procurement and logistics, inventory, human resource, manufacturing and product development, etc. for you to access through the easy categorical interface and accordingly to gain insights for further business decision. The application is available in different modules for different business verticals.

Honorable Mention: Evernote

Without mentioning this award winning application that in popularity almost surpassed every other productivity and utility application in smart phone and handheld device platforms we just cannot conclude our top 10 business applications for Android platform. Evernote is a note taking application that works more like an extension to our memory offering to save any memo, notes, to-do-lists, photos, web pages in a classified and easy to access manner. Evernote browser extensions and plugins can really be helpful in creating interesting web pages as well. The application perfectly syncs between multiple devices through its own cloud.

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Top 10 Business Applications for Android

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