Uses of Android Technology

Uses of android technology not just rest with mobile phones, but practically applicable with all kinds of mobile computing device. Uses of Android Technology in mobile phones, tablets, multitasking and open source platform, in maps and in music as ringtone are the few reason of gaining popularity of the use of android technology in smart phones.

You do not need to become a tech wizard or mobile gadget savvy to come to know one or two things about android technology which in recent years almost became a word synonymous with new range mobile phones popularly tagged as smart phones because of their great multitasking capabilities and a completely innovative interface based on touch or even gesture. Uses of android technology not just rest with mobile phones, but practically with all kinds of mobile computing device. To send an already typed text message a gentle shake of your mobile phone or tablet can be just enough, so multifarious, stylish and smarter the uses of android technology eventually has become!

Understanding the uses of android technology would make us realize how it became the trendsetter in mobile and computing devices. Google, the company that primarily that backed the researches and made it available as a open source platform for all device manufacturers calls android technology a system of software stack that consists of various layers of specific groups of programs corresponding to different operating system functions and needs. Purely multitasking is the most common standard of almost all mobile devices these days and is one of the best exponents of this new range of operating platforms and technologies among which Android is still proved to be the most versatile and user friendly.

Just before Android took the market by storm with a clean sweep of making 80% of the mobile devices run on this platform, the baton of setting trend in mobile devices and setting higher standard of application was in the hands of IOS, legendary operating platform of Apple Inc. But simply being more simple and easy while not compromising on the enormous multitasking capabilities and on being in the forefront of regularly coming with tons of applications, Android made the wind blow the other way round in just a couple of years. Let us see the versatile and almost all engulfing broader spectrum of uses of android technology in some categories that always remained as the mainstay in the consideration of a operating platform.


Multitasking is the most prominent benchmark of mobile and computing devices at this time when market of mobile telephones and computing gadgets are swarmed everyday with tons of new applications and feature rich devices, so much so that for quite some time applications for varied preferences are driving the buyer's motivation for purchasing a handset. How much, how accurately, how fast and seamlessly a device can switch between different applications to address the different needs of the user that is purely the question that determines the purchasing spirit. Naturally just as the trend goes, operating platform that is more equipped in performing multitasking, gains more dominance in sales figure. While Android Ice Cream Sandwich was good but it's performance seem rather mediocre when iPhone5 launched with more enhanced multitasking interface, but again the latest Android Jelly Bean took the wind from Apple as it is better than Apples latest version of IOS particularly in providing less complex and easier interface for the same faster multitasking capabilities.

Great browsing experience on the mobile devices.

Probably you already raised your eyebrows in thinking how it can at all be a consideration in talking of the uses of android technology. I agree that great or at least good browsing experience is something which can be said as the invariable part of mobile devices these days, either in tablets or smart phones, but definitely when it comes to options for choosing between different browsers even some bigwigs do not have much to offer. Consider IOS of Apple Inc., Safari is the only browser available in their platform while with Android the choice is multiple. It is not just number of choices, having different browsers the overall browsing experience is far faster in many cases according to various expert groups and user reviews worldwide.

Being open source platform the use and development both are vast

Android technology as we all know is a open source platform and consequently most of the world's mobile device manufacturers and application developers continued to provide their valuable inputs and that made Android a platform which is getting the widest possible input from the global applied researches in IT. No wonder in just two years time in rolling out tons of applications it is already looking like a busy war field of new researches based on demand of application and interfaces. One of the best uses of android technology is this huge pull of new researches on its open platform that actually is relevant for pushing the frontier of new age computing technology.

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Uses of Android Technology

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