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Android Phones for 2009


While the first Android phone the T-Mobile G1 didn't create the same amount of buzz as the iPhone, the future does seem to be bright for Android in 2009. This assumption is based on the fact that numerous handset manufacturers have expressed support for the Android mobile platform, which consists of an OS, web browser and key applications. The biggest advantage that Android has apart from the fact that it is being primarily developed by Google is its open source development process. This is bound to attract a large number of Java developers onto the Android development community.

The latest mobile maker to hitch its bandwagon onto Google Android is Sony Ericsson, which has also announced plans to make high-end Android powered mobiles in the second half of 2009. Apart from this HTC, the manufacturer of the not so sleek G1 smartphone has also shelf load of Android mobiles for 2009. And in order to avoid a repeat of the design errors with the G1 it has acquired One & Co Design Inc to design iPhone like sleek phones.

T-Mobile and HTC plan to release a second version of the Android G1, tentatively called the G2, in May 2009. The new Android powered phone will skip the physical keyboard and opt for only a virtual one, ala the iPhone. In another good news for Android in 2009 the Korean mobile manufacturer Samsung has also announced a Android mobile for 2009. The Samsung phone is expected to feature a fully functional touch screen, Google Maps, G-Mail email client, G-Talk and Google Search thereby offering the full range of Google services on a virtual platter.

Huawei, the recent Chinese entrant into the Open Handset Alliance has announced plans to launch an Android based mobile phone in the third quarter of 2009 that would have all the features expected of a top end smartphone. Not to be left behind Motorola has also announced plans to launch an Android based mobile in the second half of 2009. Motorola, which is already a member of the OHA is pleased with the success of the Android platform and has strong faith in Android's future promise. Accordingly it would launch a mobile with a full QWERTY keyboard along with a touch screen display following the iPhone.

From these reports it is plain that Android is here to stay for good and holds unfathomable promise for the mobile manufacturers and the developer community alike in 2009 because of its open-ended nature and strong customising features.


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