Windows 8 versus Android

Windows 8 has launched at a time when the much thrived smart phone and tab market needed a push to come out of its apparent cool. The details of the magnitude of differences at the end user experience is what going to determine the potential success of all the platforms and in talking of Windows 8 versus Android. Let us summarize now the differing points that make the Windows 8 versus Android comparison apparent on user experience.

Windows 8 has launched at a time when the much thrived smart phone and tab market needed a push to come out of its apparent cool. The details of the magnitude of differences at the end user experience is what going to determine the potential success of all the platforms and in talking of Windows 8 versus Android we can only relate with this experience factor on multiple gadgets. While android is a platform that almost swept majority of smart phone devices Windows phone was relatively a back sitter, but with the launch of Windows 8 the whole smart phone and tab market competition is going to experience some unprecedented bumps and blows. Let us summarize now the differing points that make the Windows 8 versus Android comparison apparent on user experience.


The relative cool of Microsoft as the industry leader and its pioneering status in operating systems for computers and computing devices for generations is definitely something formidable to deal with. While android with its phenomenal success and with its quintessentially Google innovations is always looming large to larger with promises, android just cannot shrug almost the parental force of Windows brand of platforms when it decides to come in mobile computing with its own offerings of touch and gesture based operations.

According to Forrester Research until 2008 Windows operating systems has been in 70 percent of personal computing devices and just following the boom of smart phones and tablets that almost flooded the market and changed the personal computing experience to a unprecedented level Windows operating platform is just in their struggling rope walk to retain the market share while the use of desktop and laptops are steadily declining and being replaced by touch and gesture operated devices like smart phones and tabs. So, for Microsoft Windows 8 is equally deciding for reclaiming its glory and for Android it is about mastering a game that it is donning for some time. Windows 8 versus Android, in all competitive aspects this is how it stands. It is time to look eye in eye with lot of expectations budging around!

Apps to Play With

The threat of applications shunning all others is the most important of all. Apple, the grand dad of innovation in smart phones and tablets has more than 700,000 applications available for its user interface till date while Google for its off-patent Android has almost similar number of applications, may be a few notch less. Windows 8 with its tile like icons and superb interface is all ready for a smooth ride, but according to the industry watchers this may not be so smoother at the initial stage, as behind Apple and Google's million plus apps covering every user preferences windows at best can only offer 10,000 or 20,000 at this stage. But what matters most is how Microsoft can plan to fast cope up with the raging application scene and speed up its giant feet. You just cannot sit around, it is playtime for all.

Keeping in Touch with Workplace

After the launch of Windows 8 there are expectations surmounting on having a platform that can be accessed by the user through multiple gadgets for staying in touch with your desktop through your personal tablet when you are out in tour and that too without compromising on security or integration issues. Yes, though Windows 8 has been launched keeping in tune with the lot emphasized Microsoft answer for an operating platform that can simultaneously work on traditional computing gadgets and touch based interfaces, this integration of different work premises in the real time gives it an unprecedented push. Watch out pal, Windows 8 versus Android warfare is potent to offer a lot unthought-of.

Browser Sync

Apple offers a browser syncing that is only available through all iOS and OS X devices and it would not definitely work on all gadgets like a full cloud browser. On the other hand in contrast to typical Apple monotheism in offering anything within its own devices only, in Android platform across all types of devices the browser sync is just wide open and android tab is ready to sync the chrome browser with your desktop as well. Android is really fluid and supple to take shape of your browsing need, isn't it? While in Windows 8, as the first round of applause passed by, it seems to be loaded with the same browser syncing advantage but still it's comparatively new to assess the difference. We need to watch its feedback on Windows RT, it's crucial in a way to deliver a comment.

Voice Command

When it is about voice command or voice recognition, the path is not that much traded for all. Yes, voice recognition and voice command to get your computing and mobile communication job done is relatively a new challenging phase that all the major operating platforms are trying to equip themselves for some time.

Though not astoundingly brilliant iPhone 5 has first come up with the full fledged operative voice recognition and voice control of applications but still now Android phones and tablets could not actually keep the race with iOS in that regard. Though in depth and perfection Windows 8 voice recognition is said to lagging behind and only delivering the basic implementation facilities, it is something that may eventually set the benchmark and Microsoft is a crude player in that. A lot to expect and watch on in this particular parameter!

Mobile Payment

Don't you want to process your payment, pay your bill just touching on a simple interface on your mobile device, yes it's not just a fashionable thing to do any more and it is now the order of the day. Apple iOS and its range of mobile devices including iPhone surprisingly do not have any mobile payment application and still now Google Wallet with its Master Card payment option is the only service that is offering the seamless mobile payment option on your tab or smart phone screen for a long time, but even Google Wallet has wide number of flaw in this respect, like not having much option except Master Card, limited number of devices for availability of NFC, etc. Considering these loopholes and flaws Microsoft has decided to focus on Mobile Payment facility in launching Windows 8. Windows 8 apart from the basic mobile payment operation is loaded with extra security elements and flexibility like advantage of saving crucial information regarding NFC in the SIM card and flexibility of accessing them. Don't think Microsoft is just to grow up on all parameters in the competition between Windows 8 versus Android.

Video Chat

This is another area that can be donned by Microsoft in the close finishing tension between Windows 8 versus Android. Apple's FaceTime though works fine on multiple platforms like 3G, Wi-Fi or network platforms it can hardly be matched with the universal voice and video chat application of Microsoft called Skype. This is same with Google Talk in comparison to Skype. Skype is unbeatable not because it is universal in coverage but because it's typical user friendly operation practically covering all sorts of devices and networks. Google talk has its universal appeal much in the fashion of Google or Gmail but still that is way behind Skype in coverage of devices and networks. A Skype enabled phone really sounds good as an ad promo, isn't it?

Media Streaming

Media streaming is the ultimate parameter to judge your excellence in the tech scene. For long Apple was the trend setter and it set and created benchmark for quite a time until it felt the warmth of breath from others behind. Until the recent launch of Google Nexus Q android devices was looking for the state of the art streaming standard as per the iPhone 5 which it got with it. With more simplified process of SmartGlass as the media streaming portal to the Xbox, Windows 8 is going to be the next trendsetter in media streaming in smart phones or tabs. For the time being we can wave thumbs up to Microsoft in the duel between Windows 8 versus Android, when it is about media streaming.

With the launch of Windows 8 Microsoft finally came as a real contender in the tab and smart phone market. Until now with Windows phone and Microsoft's much hyped collaboration with Nokia the real impact could not overshadow the sales of the major players, but now Windows 8 practically loaded with great array of competitive or in some aspects superior user benefits is just in the foray as the third major player along with iOS from Apple and Android in Google and other giants in the smart phone and tab category like Samsung. Microsoft opened a level playing field with Windows 8. Windows 8 versus Android is not going to present a dull comparison of two tech platforms, but rather the future experience unfolding in the mobile and tab business.

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Windows 8 versus Android

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