iPhone Troubleshooting Guide

The iPhone is a pretty stable and robust smartphone and performs smoothly most of the time.

iPhone Troubleshooting Guide


The iPhone is a pretty stable and robust smartphone and performs smoothly most of the time. However just like any other gadget it also has its fair share of lockups, freezes, crashes or non-responsive moments. We have listed the most widely reported iPhone issues and problems and tried to present a most comprehensive troubleshooting guide for all iPhone issues and problems.

Issue: iPhone Icons are Shaking

Solution: Shaking or wiggling icons may seem unusual to some but they are perfectly normal. When you tap and hold an icon long enough it starts to shake, implying you can re-arrange the icons or delete the installed 3 rd party application by tapping the X on the icon's top right hand side.

Issue: Unable to download iPhone email

Solution: Sometimes the mail cannot download but you can surf the web normally using iPhone's Safari browser while running OS 2.0 or higher. The simplest solution in this case is to just restart your iPhone.

Issue: iPhone Hangs/freezes

Solution: When your iPhone freezes and fails to respond to any command, resetting it is the only option left. Just hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously until the phone restarts and the Apple logo appears.

Issue: iPhone Browser crashes

Solution: The iPhone is just like a mini computer and much more advanced than a normal mobile. This may lead to browser crashes for which you should restart the iPhone. If this doesn't help then upgrade your OS to the latest version that would contain the latest bug fixes and features. If the problem still persists then take your iPhone to the latest Apple store or contact customer support.

Issue: iPhone Programs stall

Solution: When any program or application hangs up then the best option is to force quit the iPhone app by pressing and holding the Home button for six seconds. You will automatically return to the main screen.

Issue: iPhone battery icon doesn't show charging status

Solution: This may happen when the battery has completely drained. In this case charge for about 20 mins and restart your iPhone and the icon should show the charging status.

Issue: How to Format the iPhone?

Solution: Although there are is no option for formatting the iPhone but if for some reason you want to format your iPhone, go to settings and erase all content and settings.

Issue: Restore the iphone

Solution: To restore your iPhone go to iTunes and click on Restore. This will restore your iPhone to the configuration at the last backup.

Issue: Can't send or receive SMS

Solution: If you are unable to send or receive text messages on your iPhone, ensure the following: every phone number includes the area code; the airplane mode isn't turned on. If on, turn it off from settings; Type each phone number manually instead of importing from the contacts.

Issue: Reset the iphone

Solution: To reset your iPhone go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings. This resets all settings without deleting any data or media files.