iPhone 3G Buying Guide

The Apple iPhone is a great phone we all know. But what makes it a real treasured gadget is the fact that it far more than just a phone.

iPhone 3G Buying Guide


The Apple iPhone is a great phone we all know. But what makes it a real treasured gadget is the fact that it far more than just a phone. It is an iPod, 3G net phone, GPS locator, a business phone, Wi-Fi phone, gaming phone and more, all in one. Naturally the demand for such a wonderful phone is bound to be high and higher the demand, higher will be its cost. A simple correlation? Not so. In fact Apple has reduced the price of the iPhone by a full $200 so the iPhone 8 GB comes for $199, whereas the 16 GB iPhone model is available for $399. But before you rush to you're nearest Apple store or hit the websites you would do well to check this handy iPhone-buying guide and save a few bucks along the way.

iPhone 3G Buying Tips

Defining Your Needs:

First things first. What do you need, an iPhone 3G with 8GB or 16 GB storage or you would be satisfied with the old iPhone without the 3G functionality and GPS assist? If you are not much of a speed conscious person you may want to opt for the older (and cheaper) iPhone. Although some sites list many differences between the old and the new iphones, it all boils down to just two basic differences, 3G functionality and GPS assist. You might be able to haggle a cheap bargain for the iPhone 2G from someone or look up a website for unlocked iPhone 2G. Whereas if you really can't do without enhanced net speed for a more fulfilling iPhone gaming experience then go for the new iPhone 3G, by all means.

Look for Multiple Options:

Instead of running straightaway to the AT&T store or the Apple store consider these handy tips to get your iPhone at the best price. You can get good discounts for bulk buy from many Apple iPhone stores, just look around. If not in your immediate vicinity then at least in your town. Secondly many online stores like e-bay, amazon etc have great auctions going for new and used iphones, 3G and non-3G both. If you don't want to get stuck with a particular service carrier in a costly annual contract, you could even consider cheap ?jailbroken' or unlocked iphones sold by a reliable online iPhone store. Lastly, be sure to check out craigslist.com for any great iPhone offer. Just search for some good deals, note down their contact numbers and be ready to negotiate.

iPhone Extras:

When you buy any product do you just buy it plain or try to look for some add-ons and accessories bundled with it. The latter option right? Same is true with the iPhone. Don't just take the first offer you come across instead, visit different Apple stores, online iPhone stores to see which of them is giving some freebies along with the iPhone. The best place to begin you iPhone hunt could be the online auction stores that have many exciting offers or you may even contact individual retailers to get that Bluetooth iphone headset you always desired.

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iPhone 3G Buying Guide

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