iPhone Development in 2009

The iPhone, Apple Inc's latest gadget is already a craze worldwide with more than 15,000 applications designed for it and counting.

iPhone Development in 2009


The iPhone, Apple Inc's latest gadget is already a craze worldwide with more than 15,000 applications designed for it and counting. The one big advantage the iPhone enjoys over its rivals, apart from its sleek looks, is its versatility. The phone is a multimedia phone, business phone, net phone, gaming phone, all in one. These numerous benefits have spawned amazing applications custom-designed for the iPhone. Here we list some of the coolest iPhone applications and what the year 2009 holds for this wonderful phone.



iPhone Gaming:

In a survey it was reported that more than 90% mobile user's use their phone to play some or the other game. The iPhone with its 3.5-inch wide screen and high resolution with accelerometer technology offers unmatched mobile gaming experience. Not just this, the iPhone has actually challenged the Nintendo and Sony PSP hand-held gaming devices due to its superior gaming experience that incorporates 3G and Wi-Fi. The iPhone offers the Apple SDK development platform apart from other development tools like the Unity, Torque and ShiVa on which 2D and 3D iPhone games can be built. What gives the iPhone its edge is the fully functional touch screen controls that enhance the gaming experience several times over as compared to other button-operated hand-held gaming devices.

Some of the cool iPhone games include:

  • Rolando: One of the best adventure games to hit the iPhone platform.
  • Moto Racer: A great combination of speed and occasional fisticuffs.
  • Real Football 2009: Offering PlayStation 1 like graphic quality and immersive game play, a must-have for all soccer gamer's.
  • Monkey Ball: The game received a big build prior to its release, maybe in admiration of the cute prankster monkey in the lead.

iPhone Music:

The Apple iPhone comes with an integrated iPod with crystal clear sound clarity so you never miss a beat on the move. You can also listen or download your favourite songs from iTunes, Apple's online music store. Naturally you like to explore further that iTunes so here we list the hottest iPhone music applications for your convenience.

  • Pandora Internet Radio: Just pick song, artist or album and watch Pandora create a whole radio station surrounding it. The sound clarity is superb. What's more, it's free.
  • Shazam: This smart app can identify and grab the song being crooned around you instantly.
  • Bloom: Want to listen to light, ambient music to soothe your nerves, this app lets you create your own music with simple loops.

iPhone Networking and Sharing:

Here we list some handy chat/mail applications, news applications and control applications so you never stay out of touch with your friends, loved ones, global and local events.

  • AP Mobile News Network: Have the latest news, business, sports, and show biz stories delivered to your screen that you can easily sort. The pages load quickly and can be read both online and offline. Share the news or page with your friends just as effortlessly.
  • Fring: Looking for a single Instant Messaging client that can cover all your needs. Look no further. Fring includes Google Talk, AIM, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Twitter, plus VoIP calls over Wi-Fi.
  • AroundMe: This trendy iPhone app lists all the crucial services around you like banks, hospitals, coffee shops, restaurants and so on. Using the iPhone's geolocator the app can quickly calculate the exact distance of the service from you in yards or metres.
  • InstaPaper: If you come across any news item on the net but want to read it later, just bookmark it. The page is sent to your iPhone and can be read in a easy format.

Other top iPhone Apps of 2009:

  • Pageonce Personal Assistant: Use this handy app to combine multiple online accounts like banking, email, bill payment etc in a single app and save unnecessary hassle.
  • VNC Lite: Control and see your computer from anywhere using your iPhone as long as you are on the same network.
  • Google Earth: We all know the usefulness of Google Earth to identify and mark and locate any place in a jiffy. This fully functional app can be installed on your iPhone to have unhindered view of any city place.
  • FakeCall: Get out of sticky situations or boring appointments with this neat app that calls you at the designated time and by the name you want. Even Bill Gates!

iPhone Predictions for 2009:

The Apple iPhone is such a great phone that you relentlessly expect new innovative features and killer applications from Steve Jobs and his bright team. Here's a short take on what you can look forward for your iPhone this season.

MobileMe API: Apple would be introducing the MobileMe Application Programming Interface for deeper integration of your iPhone apps with the iPhone calendar and use other features of MobileMe.

Improved App Store: The iPhone App Store layout and categories would be vastly improved with easier keyword search, top app lists and increased categories.
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iPhone Development in 2009

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