Reliability of iPhone 3G

The iPhone has generated more than a fair amount of buzz ever since its launch and for good reasons also.

Reliability of iPhone 3G


The iPhone has generated more than a fair amount of buzz ever since its launch and for good reasons also. The iPhone is a fairly reliable and robust phone with solid build and stable softwares. The iPhone's reliability is enhanced due to the fact that it can be restored to its last configuration easily by backing up the phone or by resetting your iphone on iTunes.

These thoughtful features have boosted the iPhone's reliability by leaps and bounds as compared to its competitors. Still there may arise some reliability issues with the iPhone, which is not surprising as minor hiccups occur in any gadget no matter how well built or robustly tested. Here we review some of the common reliability issues that may inadvertently crop up with your iPhone and also offer the solution to the same, if available.

Importance of powering the iPhone on and off:

One of the common iPhone issues that may crop up after a passage of time is that your iPhone may stop ringing or vibrating even when the ringer or the vibrator is on. This may occur due to multiple reasons but the most sensible precaution to avoid this trouble would be to power your iPhone on and off at least once daily. If possible also reset your iPhone once every week. This could prevent such problems from arising as GSM smartphones need to be powered on and off much more frequently as compared to CDMA based phones.

Another blip could be that your iPhone may stop ringing when the earphone jack is unplugged. This also isn't a great cause for concern and the problem may have occurred because your phone failed to detect the removal of the earphone plug and hence did not turn on the speaker. To fix this minor iPhone problem just remove and insert the earphone plug several times.

Another iPhone issue that may arise is that your iPhone may fail to connect to a Wi-Fi network or may fail to download mails using Wi-Fi. The first step to take to resolve this iPhone problem is reset the network settings from the Settings tab. Then check whether the device displays the Wi-Fi address, if it does then you are done with but if it doesn't you could erase all the content and settings from the reset option in the settings tab. This should mostly resolve any Wi-Fi issue that your iPhone may face.
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Reliability of iPhone 3G

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