Top iPhone 3G Downloads Sites Tips and Guide

The iPhone 3G is a cool smartphone with numerous apps that can be downloaded from Apple's iTunes, either for free or a fee.

Top iPhone 3G Downloads Sites Tips and Guide


The iPhone 3G is a cool smartphone with numerous apps that can be downloaded from Apple's iTunes, either for free or a fee. Apart from iTunes there are two more options available for downloading great iPhone softwares and apps- sites that allow downloading of copyrighted iPhone softwares for free and sites that offer their own proprietary softwares for free or a fee. Out of these two options the first one is illegal and also unsafe as such free iPhone download sites may slip in a malware or two into your precious iPhone, while the second is definitely the more sensible option. In this handy guide we help you to find the best sites offering iPhone softwares and apps, to save your time and of course, money.

One-time fee vs Per download fee:

Some sites allow you free membership but then charge for every iphone application or software that you download. Imagine downloading your fav songs and paying .99 to $1.99 for each download. So to lighten the burden on your wallet its best to opt for sites that charge a one-time fee and let you download all that you can.

iPhone Music Downloads:

If you are a music buff, (aren't we all?) then it's best to download your iPhone songs from a site that offers all genres and music varieties under a single roof instead of clicking from site to site.

Large Files Collection:

If you are truly looking to get the maximum bang for your buck then choose a iPhone downloads site that has a truly large files collection from all genres like Music, Games, Softwares, Wallpapers, Movies etc. Fortunately, most of the iPhone sites feature a humongous collection of files so you are spoilt for choice.

Easy Navigation:

Make sure the site you take membership of is easy to navigate and you can easily find the stuff you are looking for. Look around in the non-member's area before deciding to take the membership.

Free iPhone File Compatibility Softwares:

All quality iPhone download sites let you install free softwares for downloading the movies and apps you want. Also they should offer free conversion softwares, if required.

Quick Downloads:

Ok so you got your iPhone 3G but can't use its full capability because the iPhone downloads site has a limited download speed. Then just choose a site that has no such download speed limit or number of simultaneous downloads restrictions.

Malware-free Files:

The internet is both a fun-filled as well as a fear-filled place to be if you are not alert. While there are umpteen sites offering ready-to-download iPhone apps and software files, at the same time there are also umpteen viruses, ad wares, trojans waiting to get an unwelcome entry into your iPhone. Thus the best protection would be to only download iPhone files from sites that have an auto file scanner. For added protection, scan the downloaded file using a malware scanner on you PC.

Download from Trusted Sites only:

You can easily verify the iPhone downloads sites reputation from the onsite certifications they display or just by browsing some popular iPhone downloads forums.

Secure Payments:

Most of the sites vouch for complete payment safety and privacy, still payment via PayPal, Clicbank etc is still the most trusted way.