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  1. VoIP Reviews
    The most recent VoIP reviews say CallVantage outdistances Vonage and other competitors for consistently excellent call quality, as well as its menu of features (including call logs, voicemail, speed dial, call waiting/forwarding, caller ID, fax support, directory assistance, three-way calling, and do not disturb). Some reviews say installation could be simpler, but in tests, AT&T's customer service and technical support proved efficient at solving these issues. As of November 2005, about 35% of CallVantage subscribers didn't have E911 service (which automatically transmits your address to emergency personel), so you'll want to check before ditching your land line.

  2. VoIP Phone and ATA Reviews
    VoIP phone and ATA reviews by our members. We encourage users to write reviews - they are enormously helpful to other readers and therefore a great contribution. Assuming you have Skype already installed you just plug in the device using the supplied 50cm USB cable, drop the supplied CD-ROM into the drive and let Windows do the rest. It's a simple process, although you do need to put in your e-mail address at the final stage of installation .

  3. VoIP reviews-Talk is cheap
    The latest range of Smart Node gateways and routers are a popular choice because they can interface with any telephony system including ISDN PRI & BRI, T1, E1, FXS, FXO, and more. Supporting SIP, H.323, and MGCP VoIP technologies, they will work with any network. They have been successfully installed in hundreds of systems by enterprises, carriers, and VoIP providers around the world. At Patton Electronics, we have focused our efforts on developing a complete range of VoIP products that can address the requirements of virtually any application. We are so confident that our solutions will deliver toll quality service over the Internet that we offer our unique "Talk is Cheap" money back guarantee. Network managers now have a risk-free way to discover how easy it is to implement a VoIP system that reduces infrastructure, maintenance and toll service costs. With free lifetime software updates and legendary support, the decision becomes an easy one.

  4. VoIP Reviews Helping Consumers 
    The website enables VoIP users to post evaluations of their experiences with their VoIP phone service, and service provider. These reviews aid other consumers to determine which plan is most suitable for their individual needs. The unbiased reviews on our website enable the consumer to determine if VoIP is suitable for their needs. Whichvoip Director Anthony Campbell stated. ?More and more people are considering switching to VoIP, from their regular telephone service, due to the financial savings, but are unsure of the new technology. The Whichvoip.com goal is to educate readers on the cost savings of using this new technology, and on the ease of making phone calls over the internet. The reviews that we have received from VoIP customers enable the consumer to make informed and unbiased decisions on which VoIP service provider and plan to select.

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    ViaTalk's inexpensive service combined with reliable call quality makes it very attactrive. Viatalk offers voip plans that are at par with top VOIP comapanies but at a much cheaper rate. ViaTalk has a two FREE months offer which makes its plans even more attractive. Viatalk's call center is based in the USA and customer complaints are few and far between. Though not the cheapest VOIP service, Vonage will save you money over traditional phone service. The call quality and features Vonage offers is the best in the VOIP industry and may justify the slightly higher rate.