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  1. Zoom X5v ADSL VoIP Modem
    The Zoom X5v Model 5565 integrates a full-rate ADSL modem, router, SPI firewall, four-port 10/100 Ethernet switch, USB port and VoIP phone port into one compact product. The X5v modem/router has a Local Phone port and intelligent relay that lets the same standard single-line phone be used for both conventional phone calls or Voice Over IP (VoIP) calls. Because the X5v integrates Internet telephony with a full featured ADSL gateway, setup is easy and system security is ensured. The Model 5565 comes with free Global Village VoIP phone service that sets up in minutes and lets you simply dial phone numbers and make free calls to compatible devices anywhere in the world. And because the X5v uses SIP, the most popular protocol for voice communications over the Internet, you can tap into a rapidly-growing world of free and very low-cost phone services.

  2. U.S. Robotics offers 56K VoIP modem
    U.S. Robotics announced a new 56K modem last week that lets users make phone calls over the Internet with a regular telephone. The Internet Call Modem is a standard V.90 56K PCI modem card that comes with software from Net2Phone, a voice-over-IP service provider. The Net2Phone software is installed on a PC that is connected to the Internet via a dial-up connection. Once online, the Net2Phone software is launched, letting a regular telephone plugged into the modem make calls over the Internet via Net2Phone's voice-over-IP net. The Internet Call Modem is aimed at consumers and home office users who have a single phone line, according to Len Landi, product manager for U.S. Robotics. Telecommuters without a private phone extension to a corporate office could save on long-distance charges by using the modem, he adds. 

  3. Comcast Offers VOIP Modem
    Motorola, Inc. today announced that Comcast will place an order for the Motorola SBV5220, a combination modem and phone adapter, also known as an embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter (eMTA), located in customers' homes. This order comes after the SBV5220 successfully completed an extensive hardware and software qualification process. The Motorola SBV5220 is equipped with an integrated Lithium-ion battery back-up, which provides up to eight hours of battery back-up in the event of a power outage in the home. Comcast expects to offer the Motorola eMTA in the second half of 2006 to Comcast Digital Voice customers nationwide. 

  4. Net2Phone and 3Com Team to Develop VoIP Modem Products
    Net2Phone Inc. Tuesday announced a multiyear agreement to jointly develop Voice over IP (VoIP) modems that integrate Net2Phone's Internet telephony services into 3Com's customized desktop and internal modems. Our goal is to deliver the best Internet experience for our customers," said Jerry Devlin, vice president and general manager at 3Com. We are leveraging our e-networks expertise and our history of providing simple, reliable modem connections, and Net2Phone's IP voice leadership. The result will be a better experience for our customers. Net2Phone's software enables computer users to place calls from a multimedia computer to any telephone, PC, or fax machine anywhere in the world at reduced rates. Through integration with the 3Com VoIP hardware, the companies expect to increase modem usage as well as Internet telephony usage, enabling lower cost phone calls worldwide at high quality.

  5. Modem Supported VoIP
    This document describes modem support for VoIP and includes the following sections:
    ?Modem Passthrough Support for VoIP
    ?Modem Relay Support for VoIP
    ?Monitoring and Maintaining Modem Call Status
    For a complete description of the commands used in this chapter, refer to the Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference, Release 12.3. To locate documentation for other commands that appear in this chapter, use the command reference master index or search online. 

  6. Zoom X5v ADSL modem/router with VoIP Review
    The Zoom X5v is the first router aimed at the consumer market that ADSLGuide has reviewed that has built in VoIP capabilities. We are expecting to see a lot more hardware offering this in the next couple of years. The X5v combines the ADSL modem, a four port router, USB port, and hardware support for VoIP into one easy to set-up unit. The unit is actually based around a Conexant chipset, and builds on the previous models like the X4 and X5, so there is a long family history, with the X5v being the next evolution. The router in its default state works as a NAT router, allowing you to share the IP address supplied by your ISP, between up to 253 computers. The unit has enough ports to actually connect 5 machines to it directly. As with the X4 unit we previously reviewed, there is a PPP Half Bridge mode that will for a single computer pass on the ISP assigned IP address to a single computer. Additionally for people with a block of static IP addresses you can disable NAT and use the router in a NON-NAT mode. 

  7. Using VoIP with Your Cable Modem
    Cable modems provide Internet connectivity through the hybrid fiber-coaxial carrier services infrastructure (HFC CSI). The HFC CSI was originally designed to deliver television signals to the residential market. As the need for residential Internet connections exploded, the cable industry optimized its network to provide high-speed Internet access. VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) then became a possibility for this market. Today the HFC CSI is used not only for cable television but also for traditional plain old telephone service (POTS) telephony and data services such as Internet access. These services are sold and billed separately on a monthly basis. Based on the cable company, customers may be able to choose which services they use. Traditionally, companies have required that users have at least basic cable service, but some companies are dropping such requirements. In some areas, it's possible to get just telephone service or just Internet service over the coax cable traditionally used to deliver the television signal.

  8. VOIP/Cable Modem Engineer
    Established telecommunications company is currently looking for an individual who has working experience with VOIP and cable modems. This individual should have experience in the cable TV field and be familiar with DOCSIS cable modem systems and the related support systems i.e. DHCP, TFTP, etc. This individual should have hands on experience with VOIP systems such as call manager, VOIP gateways, IAD's, and EMTA's. Other skills that will be helpful will include VPN, Routing, VLANs, Cisco IOS, MPLS, and TDM circuits. Salary is negotiable and the office is located in Conyers. Some travel will be involved. We are looking to fill this position immediately. If you are considering a change and would like to be a part of a fast growing, highly energetic team, please respond.

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VoIP Modem

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