This page discusses - VoIP LAN


  1. Wireless VoIP LAN Phone
    A true plug and play wireless VoIP unit . All you need to do is connect the ethernet cable to your LAN, the power adapter and you have a wireless VoIP Phone in under a minute. No drivers to install no installation of any kind and no wires on your phone. Crystal clear audio no echo or delays. Thirty day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. The wireless LAN VoIP phone is a plug and play device which connects to your network via Ethernet and is as easy to install as a landline phone. Plug the unit to your LAN and start calling. 

  2. VoIP LAN Phone
    IN-Call LAN Phone is a full-featured IP-based telephone set for office telephony via Ethernet base communication. It provides IP-PBX solution such as station-to station call, IP call and local PSTN/PBX extension call via PSTN Gateway. IN-Call LAN Phone is easily interface with ADSL/Cable Modem that is provided by ITSP, ISP or Carrier Company to provide VoIP services to residential and SOHO application. ITSP/ISP provides centralized control, management and software upgraded remotely. IN-Call Internet phones offer the most advanced VoIP technology and benefits worldwide users. This product can be configured through the web browser or by using the phone menu directly. They can also be operated with phone assistant software on PCs. Additional features include, but are not limited to, acting as a digital answering machine, speed dialer, providing caller ID, call hold, call transfer, and telephone directory services for everyday convenience in a competitive and demanding consumer marketplace. 

  3. VoIP LAN Routing 
    Immediate need for 4 Senior NOC Engineers in the Atlanta area. Position will require the candidate to take ownership of and manage assigned accounts and issues from submission to resolution by engaging the customer and all involved 3rd parties ( vendor, provide, etc.). The Senior NOC Engineer will be an escalation point for repeated and/or complex circuit, voice, and data issues that are impeding (or could potentially impede) delivery of service to the end-user. This position requires a 4 year technical degree( preferably Engineering or Telecommunications) or proven equivalent work-experience .Candidate must have 5 years of hands-on experience. Previous experience must reflect heavy customer contact and customer communication management. CCNP certification or proven application of CCNP concepts (Routing, Switching, Remote Access, and troubleshooting) required.

  4. SunComm LAN and PSTN phone
    LAN Phone 2000 is a full-featured IP-based tel set for office telephony via Ethernet base communication. Over the office LAN, it provides IP-PBX solution such as station-to-station call, IP call and local PSTN/PBX extension call via PSTN Gateway. The traditional PBX functionality is provided with H.450 features together with Gatekeeper or IP/PBX Call Manager. Two 10/100BaseT switch/hub RJ-45 ports allow connect to office LAN and PC on your table.  It interfaces with ADSL/Cable Modem, provided by ITSP, ISP or carrier to provide VoIP services to residential and SOHO application. An integrated Analog Phone features provides IP call or PSTN call selection. Or to be a POTS Telephone set when external power is failure. It provides programmable keys and feature buttons an internal high quality speakerphone with microphone mute, HOLD function, FORWARD and TRANSFER feature buttons. The LAN Phone 101 also provides a dot matrix of two lines 24 characters LCD display each.

  5. Typhoon VOIP LAN Phone 
    Desktop handset with analog PSTN and IP capability. Connect to local and International calls and save costs with IP functions. Status display with LCD display and backlight. Full keypad features with RJ45 LAN connection to Router for connections via Internet. Full security features to protect your communications. Communicate hands free with the speakerphone features. There are some  features of voip LAN phone :
    * IP Handset with display panel and RJ45 interface
    * 2 x 16 characters LCD display with backlight and 24 keys
    * Voice quality features: VAD, AGC, AEC
    * Support dynamic and static IP configurations
    * Support Internet-based administration functions
    * Includes volume control, Caller ID, Time/Date, Date duration and Speedial function
    * Handsfree, Hold, Redial, Forward features

  6. VOIP beyond the enterprise LAN
    As the use of VOIP moves beyond the corporate LAN, the security challenges facing the enterprise look set to intensify. As the use of VOIP moves beyond the corporate LAN, the security challenges facing the enterprise look set to intensify. So far, things have been relatively quiet on the VOIP security front, with no devastating, widely publicised attacks on enterprise VOIP systems to date. But the absence of  headline- grabbing exploits could also be due to the fact that most enterprise VOIP solutions are closed systems in which packetised voice is running across the LAN only, and most external traffic is running across the PSTN (public switched telephone network) via a gateway, says David Fraley, director of Federal Practice at Gartner. ?If you?re running VOIP on the LAN only, it?s relatively easy to get toll quality and maintain security.

  7. Clipcomm CWP-100 Wireless LAN VoIP Phone
    This vulnerability report for Clipcomm CWP-100 Wireless LAN VoIP Phone contains a complete overview of all Secunia advisories affecting it. You can use this vulnerability report to ensure that you are aware of all vulnerabilities, both patched and unpatched, affecting this product allowing you to take the necessary precautions. The statistics provided should not be used to compare the overall security of products against one another. Secunia advisories often cover multiple vulnerabilities and consequently the number of advisories issued for a product will not always reflect the number of security issues that have been disclosed. Additionally, some operating systems bundle a number of software packages and are therefore affected by vulnerabilities that would not affect other operating systems / platforms. Factors such as vendor response times and ability to properly fix vulnerabilities should also be considered.


  8. VoIP LAN Cordless dualphone 
    The LAN Cordless DUALphone is the next generation wireless Internet phone from RTX. The phone provides a powerful combination of voice and onscreen information, and offers convenient ease of use. The LAN Cordless DUALphone consists of a comfortable, cordless DECT handset and a VoIP gateway that is easily connected to a router or a broadband connection. The LAN Cordless DUALphone is based on the SIP v2 standard, which ensures compatibility with other Internet communication standards. Instant access to web content and services is a key feature that separates the LAN Cordless DUALphone from the crowd. The web push technology integrated in the phone automatically ?pushes? web content and services, also known as on-screen information services, to the phone. The end user specifies which information should be displayed on the phone and the information is there when the end user wants it. Current on-screen information services includes news, traffic announcements, flight schedules, horoscopes, sports scores and much more.

  9. LAN 1 bridges VoIP gap
    Local IP products distributor Lan 1 has signed a distribution deal with US-based software PBX vendor, pbxnsip. The deal will see the distributor offering pbxnsip?s PBX software product, which allows legacy phone systems to talk to VoIP systems within an organisation, , technical director Lan . The software provides virtual PBX connectivity via a Web interface. It is compatible with Windows or Linux and is based on SIP standards. However resellers don?t have to use the handset products we offer. The software is capable of running on any phone hardware. Lan 1 will also offer resellers a free evaluation of the software.

  10. VoIP and Wireless LAN technologies
    Texas Instruments (TI) and Switzerland-based Ascom Wireless Solutions announced that Ascom's i75 voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) handsets are leveraging TI's Wireless LAN (WLAN) IP phone platform, the TNETV1700. TI's integrated hardware and software solution delivers the performance and low power required for Ascom to deliver extended talk and standby times to its enterprise customers. With over 50 years of experience in on-site wireless communications, Ascom is continuously taking strides to deliver exceptional mobility to its customers," said Staffan Ornbratt, product manager, VoWiFi system, Ascom Wireless Solutions. "Leveraging TI's leadership VoIP and wireless technology allows Ascom to offer a VoWiFi experience that increases overall efficiency and productivity of its users.