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    VoIP News and Analysis, VoIP Service Provider Reviews and Internet Phone Industry Trends. T-Mobile plans to launch a Wi-Fi-cellular converged phone service in Seattle and potentially one other market next month on September 12th, sources say. More markets will follow soon after. The city of Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area are the likely candidates for a possible rollout. T-Mobile?s converged service is based on a standard called Unlicensed Mobile Access, popularly known by its acronym, UMA. The news that T-Mobile has been doing trials of services using the wireless convergence standard UMA have been slowly coming to light. Business Week points out a service targeted at in-home cell phone users called T-Mobile-At-Home, which seems like UMA, but the article doesn?t name the standard. Engadget had also posted information about the UMA trial.

  2. Latest News of  VoIP
    VoIP leader Skype announced today at IFA 2006 that its partners Philips and NetGear have each launched cordless phones which can place and receive calls both from traditional landlines and via the Skype VoIP service . The cordless phones are a new class of Skype-enabled devices, offering users better mobility throughout their home and/or offices without being ted to their computers, and users can have multiple cordless phones which enable several simultaneous conversations. Both the Netgear and Philips offers have Skype running on them "out of the box, but also operate as standard landline cordless telephones-handy for accessing emergency services, for instance. The phones ship with a remove DECT base station which connects to both the user's broadband Internet connection and their standard phone line; both phones feature color graphical displays which enable users to sing into Skype accounts, manage contacts, synchronize contacts, and more-both phones also offer speakerphone capabilities.

  3. FierceVoIP News
    A few months back, you may remember, Brix Networks set off lots of chatter in VoIP circles with a finding that voice quality on VoIP was unacceptably bad and getting worse. Minacom has now put another log on the fire with a report that says not only that the quality of VoIP calls is good, but that it's better than calls carried on the PSTN. Far from the 1 out of 5 bad calls cited by Brix, Minacom says the figure is more like 1 out of 50 in North America and 1 out of 10 worldwide. The difference may well be in what the two companies are measuring . Minacom measured QoS on telco, cableco and broadband networks. It says Brix's measurements were made on computer-to-computer VoIP networks.

  4. VOIP Application for Low Cost International Call
    MINO Wireless (http://www.minowireless.com), a Sunnyvale, CA-based mobile services company, has announced its easy-to-use, inexpensive new mobile application for making international calls from Symbian supported phones. All mobiles phone users supported by Symbian OS can call any phone worldwide at rates as low as 2.2 cents per minute Using MINO.The mobile phone has emerged as the preferred device for making calls, but high costs for international calls inhibit customers from making international calls from their mobile phones. Calling cards present a cheaper option, but although they promise low rates, users often pay hidden fees including connection fees and maintenance fees. Cost-conscious people are often forced to use GoogleTalk or Skype, which still ties them to their computers.

  5. VoIP News Alert
    The VoIP News Alert is a comprehensive weekly update of all the news and events in the rapidly growing world of Voice over IP. This News Alert enables you to stay current on breaking news, key information, and critical issues such as:
    * Security concerns
    * Cutting edge VoIP products
    * Federal regulations
    * Innovative VoIP services
    * Cost saving techniques

  6. This week in VoIP news
    The Federal Communications Commission ruled 3-2 that states are now barred from imposing telecommunications regulations on Internet phone providers, which treat calls no differently than any other application on the Net. That class of operators includes Vonage Holdings, which asked the FCC for just such a designation in May, plus Verizon Communications, AT&T and dozens of other commercial Internet providers, according to those familiar with the FCC's thinking. This landmark order recognizes a revolution has occurred,  FCC Chairman Michael Powell said at a meeting in Washington, D.C. The FCC's decision was a general one, was widely anticipated, and answers just one of dozens of questions about how regulators will ultimately treat Internet phone services, typically referred to as voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.

  7. VoIP News from around the Internet
    Skype the global Internet communications company, today announced that U.S. and Canadian-based Skype users can make free calls to traditional landlines and mobile phones in the United Kingdom, Mexico and Japan during three 'Skype Days of Summer' weekends, starting Saturday, July 15th. The three countries represent some of the most frequently called countries by Skype users and are among the leading destinations for all international calling originating from the United States and Canada. Free SkypeOut(TM) calling to the United Kingdom, Mexico and Japan is available weekends July 15-16, July 22-23 and July 29-30, respectively.

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VoIP News

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