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VOIP Network

  1. VoIP Network Management
    The MetaSwitch Element Management System (EMS) provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use unified management interface for MetaSwitch networks. The EMS is provided with an easy-to-use Java client graphical user interface, as well as SNMP/Corba and billing interfaces for straightforward integration into existing network management systems. The EMS Client, which runs on both Windows and Unix workstations, offers a graphical user interface showing all managed MetaSwitch systems, with * details of all installed hardware components, shown in a hierarchical configuration corresponding to their logical relationships * the ability to configure the MetaSwitch call agent, signaling gateway and media gateway components, as well as other MetaSwitch-managed devices  * a list of alarms currently raised on MetaSwitch network elements and managed devices, with correlation between primary and subsidiary alarms  * interactive, context-sensitive help that scrolls to explain the exact item the user is currently working on.

  2. Building a VoIP Network  Multimedia communication
    This is the only book you need if you are tasked with designing, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting a converged network built with Nortel's Multimedia Concentration Server 5100, and Multimedia Communications Portfolio (MCP) products. With this book, you'll be able to design, build, secure, and maintaining a cutting-edge converged network to satisfy all of your business requirements. This book begins with a discussion of the current protocols used for transmitting converged data over IP as well as an overview of Nortel's hardware and software solutions for converged networks. In this section, readers will learn how H.323 allows dissimilar communication devices to communicate with each other, and how SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is used to establish, modify, and terminate multimedia sessions including VOIP telephone calls. The next sections introduce the reader to the Multimedia Concentration Server 5100, and Nortel's entire suite of Multimedia Communications Portfolio (MCP) products.

  3. VoIP Network Processor
    PMC-Sierra's Multi-Service Processors (MSPs) are designed to meet the performance, QoS, and security needs of VoIP-enabled communications equipment used within the customer premises. This family adds PSTN-quality VoIP capabilities to Residential and SOHO broadband gateways, Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) and small enterprise-class IP-based PBXs. These devices offer field proven voice firmware, superior packet-loss and latency, high speed data performance, integrated security features (DES, 3DES, SHA-1 and MD5), standard interfaces (Ethernet, SLIC and SLAC), and common platform solutions from one to eight channels. PMC-Sierra's VoIP solutions enable voice, video and data convergence in current and emerging home and enterprise broadband applications. 

  4. VoIP Network Security
    The arrest of a wholesale VoIP entrepreneur last week for fraud and hacking points to much more than a criminal mind cheating the system ? it brings to light the oft-unspoken fact that VoIP networks have a long way to go in terms of security. The publicity also scares providers and security vendors because they fear losing customers. The federal government on June 8 arrested Edwin Andrew Pena, 23, owner of Fortes Telecom Inc. and Miami Tech & Consulting Inc., for hacking into other providers? networks, routing his customers? calls onto those platforms, then billing those companies and pocketing the proceeds.  This was the ?first large attack on a voice system that?s being reported, emphasizes Andrew Graydon, chair of the security requirements committee of VoIP Security Alliance (VoIPSA). ?It?s known that there have been problems in the industry for a while,? he says, noting that security vendors and VoIP providers have kept a lid on such issues because they don?t want to upset their customers. 

  5. VoIP Network With BroadSoft Platform
    A leading provider of VoIP application software, today announced that O1 Communications, Inc., a leading California provider of next-generation telecommunications services, has selected the BroadSoft VoIP application software as the platform to deliver high-quality, customized VoIP services. Beginning in August, O1 will leverage the BroadWorks platform to provide hosted PBX, business trunking, and IP Centrex services to small- and medium-sized enterprises throughout the West Coast and to wholesale customers worldwide. O1 cited BroadSoft's position as the industry leader in VoIP application software, as well as the platform's flexibility and broad feature set, as reasons for selecting the BroadWorks application platform. BroadWorks provides a foolproof VoIP solution that enables O1 to offer our customers advanced VoIP services. Our goal is to reach beyond our current Sacramento customer base and to expand throughout the West Coast," said Brad Jenkins, CEO of O1. "The BroadSoft framework will allow us to bring a full range of services to market quickly, and to bundle innovative voice and data packages to meet our customers' specific requirements.