Ajax Training Course

Ajax Training Course - Learn Ajax programming using latest Ajax frameworks.

Ajax Training Course


Ajax Training Course Objectives

  • Use Ajax to make a call to the server without a page refresh
  • Modify content  on a web page without refreshing the whole page
  • Server-Side form validation with Ajax
  • Manipulate XML documents with JavaScript using the DOM or XSLT


  • HTML

  • JavaScript

  • CSS

  • XSLT

  • Server-Side Programming Language, such as JSP, PHP, ASP.NET.

Ajax Training Course Outline

  • Core Technologies
  • Cascading Style Sheets(CSS )
  • Advanced JavaScript 
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML) 
  • Introduction to Web Services 
  • XMLHttpRequest 
  • Techniques and Data Formats
  • XMLHttpRequest
  • Script Tag 
  • IFrames 
  • JSON 
  • XML 
  •  Examples
  • Fades and Transitions 
  • Auto Completion 
  • Smart Validation 
  • Rich Text Editing 
  • Dialog Boxes 
  • Drag and Drop 
  • Partial Submit 
  • Server Initiated Asynchronous Presentation Updates 
  • Scrollable, Sortable, Updatable Tables 
  • Database Updates from AJAX Application 
  • Toolkits 
  • Prototype 
  • Google Web Toolkit 
  • Dojo 
  • Yahoo UI 
  • DWR 
  • ICEFaces 
  • AJAX Patterns 
  • Content Chunking Pattern 
  • Cache Controller Pattern 
  • Permutations Pattern 
  • Decoupled Navigation Pattern 
  • Representation Morphing Pattern 
  • Persistent Communications Pattern 
  • State Navigation Pattern 
  • Infinite Data Pattern 
  • REST Based MVC Pattern 



  • Data Transfer with JSON 
  • Thread Contention 
  • Direct to Dom Rendering 
  • Java to JavaScript Compilation 
  • Modularity of AJAX Components




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Ajax Training Course

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