Careers for IT Freshers

Careers options for IT Freshers comprising hardware and software fields.

Careers for IT Freshers

You have just done a course in information technology and looking for a career in this field. There are myriads of careers for IT freshers where their knowledge of the field can be put to best use. There are plethora of options for IT freshers and it is up to them to decide which path they want to tread. With the growing prominence of computers, the whole scenario has changed and so is the career option for IT freshers. The role of IT spans from software to space, and retail to banking and hence opening the new avenues for this relatively new profession. Today the information technology has become synonymous with efficiency and accuracy.

The freshers who want to make a career in IT should choose from two major sectors:

Hardware: Hardware comprise of various components of computer, its designing, manufacturing and maintenance. 
Software:  Software comprise of the set of programs that make computer work in a particular way. Diverse range of programs is made to perform different functions. These programs could be of use of technical peoples or for the use of common man. Nowadays programs are also designed to meet various needs of online shopping.

Prime Fields in Hardware:

Manufacturing: Manufacturing comprises production and assembling the components of computers.

Maintenance: Maintenance requires flawless functioning of the system and troubleshooting, if any.  

Research and Development:  Here making of chips and circuits are done. Here research is done for upgrading of the system.

Management: Managers are entrusted with the task to ensure flawless functioning of production and development divisions.

Prime fields in Software:

Manufacture: Here sets of instruction are prepared for the computer work.


Software development:  Here updating and development of software are done for the improvement. 

Data entry: Here data is entered in computers for programs. This is an entry-level job.

Programmers/Coders: This involves writing and testing the programs.

Application programmers: Application programmers a entrusted with the task to prepare general programs or programs for specific purpose.

Support services: Here, the task is in varying in nature that ranges from helping clients to choose software for their use and train the clients to use the software effectively.  

In addition the IT freshers can look for the jobs in other areas like computer operations, Database management, Sales and Marketing and other things.

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Careers for IT Freshers

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