JSTL Training

JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library) allows the web developer to create powerful web application without using scriptlets.

JSTL Training


JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library) allows the web developer to create powerful web application without using scriptlets. This JSTL training at RoseIndia.Net will help you learn JSTL quickly.

Topics covered in this online JSTL Training:


  1. Introduction to JSTL - JSP Standard Tag Library 
    What is JSP JSTL and its benefits? (jstl.shtml)
    History of JSTL ( about Jakarta Taglibs project) (jstl-history.shtml)
    Overview of all the JSTL tags (jstl-overview.shtml)
    JSTL Versions (jstl-versions.shtml)
    JSTL Tags Quick Example (jstl-tags.shtml)
  2. Downloading and Installing the JSTL
    Downloading JSTL (downloading-jstl.shtml)
    Installing JSTL (installing-jstl.shtml)
    Configuring JSTL (jstl-configuration.shtml)
    Configuring JSTL on Tomcat (jstl-tomcat.shtml)
    Configuring JSTL on WebLogic Server
    Configuring JSTL on Websphere (jstl-websphere.shtml)
    Configuring JSTL on Geronimo Application Server (jstl-geronimo.shtml)
    Configuring JSTL on JBoss
    Configuring JSTL on Oracle Application Server
    Configuring JSTL on JEE Glash Fish application Server

  3. Iteration Tags
  4. Conditional Tags
  5. Expression Tags and the Expression Language
  6. Database Access Tags
  7. Text Inclusion Tags
  8. Text Formatting Tags
  9. XML Manipulation Tags



  • Introduction
    • The role of taglibs in JSP
    • The genesis of the Jakarta Taglibs project
    • Overview of each tag and the features it supports
  • Downloading and installing the taglibs
  • Core JSTL design principles
    • Naming conventions for JSTL actions
    • Scoped variables versus scripting variables
  • Understanding JSTL expression language (EL)
    • Overview of EL
    • Expressions
    • Identifiers
    • Operators
    • Type coercion
    • Literal values
    • Implicit objects
    • Method invocation
    • EL expressions in custom actions
    • Common mistakes
  • General-purpose and conditional actions
    • General purpose actions with c:out, c:set, c:remote, and c:catch
    • Conditional actions
    • Using conditional and general-purpose actions together
  • Iteration actions
    • The c:forEach action
    • The c:forTokens action
    • Iteration status
    • Custom iteration actions
  • URL actions
    • The c:import action
    • The c:redirect action
    • The c:url action
    • The c:param action
    • Accessing external resources
  • Configuring settings
  • Formatting actions
    • Formatting and parsing numbers
    • Formatting and parsing dates and times with DateTime
    • Using time zones
    • Determining a formatting locale
  • Database actions with the DBTags library
    • How JSTL locates data sources
    • Creating data sources
    • Querying and updating a database
    • Executing database transactions
    • Implementing database custom actions
    • Using the DBTags and Input tag libraries together to create data-bound forms
  • File IO with IO library
    • Using the IO tags to read text and bytes
    • Using the IO tags to write text and bytes
    • Using the IO tags for other file IO operations
  • XML actions with the XTags library
    • Understanding XML and related technologies (XML, DTDs, Schemas, XSL, and XPath)
    • XML actions overview
    • XPath overview
    • Parsing XML
    • Using scoped variables in XPath instructions
    • Transforming XML with XSLT
    • Filtering XML
    • Accessing external entities
  • Additional useful tag libraries in JSTL
    • Validating forms and data with the Regexp tag lib
    • Using the Request and Response taglibs to facilitate easier handling of JSP requests and responses
    • Using the Session and Application tag libraries for easier state management
    • Generating random numbers and strings with the Random taglib
    • Sending email with the Mailer taglib
    • Extracting content from documents on the Web with the Scrape taglib
    • Manipulating strings with the String taglib


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JSTL Training

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