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Struts Software

Enterprise Components
The Cotsec product range covers common components found in typicaly Enterprise applications. Cotsec also supports both the Java language and framework and the .NET framework. In each target framework, multiple different runtime environments will be supported, such as graphical (desktop) applications and web-based internet applications.

The architectural philosophy bases itself on a number of key design goals:

1. Business Analysts define an Application Model
2. The Application Model is compiled into an application within a target environment
3. Visual aspects are not defined - automatic layout tools create them from the Application Model
4. Models can be compiled into a number of different target environments
5.. Developers produce new components that are easily available enterprise wide within Business Analyst design tools

Struts Console
he Struts Console is a FREE standalone Java Swing application for developing and managing Struts-based applications. With the Struts Console you can visually edit JSP Tag Library, Struts, Tiles and Validator configuration files.

Latest Struts
Current version
of Struts is start 2.2.1
The Struts Console also plugs into multiple, popular Java IDEs for seamless management of Struts applications from one central development tool.

FWA Software
FWA Software's Visual Tags Dreamweaver extension suites for JSTL and Struts enable web developers to use Macromedia's Dreamweaver MX web design and development product to

1. Visually design, implement, and maintain web pages for JSTL and Struts-based web applications
2. Rapidly prototype web pages for JSTL and Struts-based web applications
3. Exploit open source technologies with Dreamweaver to create JSTL and Struts-based web applications

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