Developing Struts Hibernate and Spring Based Login/Registration Application

Learn how to develop Integrated application. We have provided free source code for User Registration and Authentication application.

Login and User Registration Application


In this tutorial we will learn how to develop login application based on Struts, Hibernate and Spring Framework. We will be using MySQL database to store the user information, and then authenticate the user at the login time. You can easily use this Login application to quick start your application development.

  1. Simplified Application Development
    This tutorial provides an outlook of the alternative lightweight approaches for building J2EE enterprise based web application by combining all the three mentioned frameworks e.g. Struts, Hibernate and Spring.
  2. About this Login Application
    This tutorial provides some simple steps for creating a website login application that can be used later in any big Struts Hibernate and Spring based application.
    => Login Form
    Login Screen our web application allows the user the registered user to logon to the system.
    => Update Profile
    The Update Profile page allows the logged in user to update his/her profile. Form allows user to change his/her password.
    => Forgot Password
    The Forgot Password for allows the retrieve their forgotten password.
  3. Designing and creating database
    Database designing is considered as crucial stage in the development lifecycle of the web application. The database is finally responsible for storing the data in the database for retrieval in future.
  4. Downloading the required software and integration into web application
    In this section you will learn how to download required software for our Login and Registration Application. In this tutorial we are using one of the best technologies (Struts, Hibernate and Spring).
  5. Writing POJO and configuration files
    We have only one table into the database and we need one POJO class and the hibernate mapping file to map the login object to the database table.
  6. Writing Spring Application Context definition xml
    In this section we will wire up the components by defining the Application context definition file (applicationContext-hibernate.xml). This file is used by context loader servlet to initialize the Spring application context.
  7. Configuring the Spring Context Loader Servlet
    In this section we will learn about Spring's Context loader servlet and then see how to add the required configuration in the web.xml file to load the Spring Context.
  8. Understanding Spring Struts Hibernate DAO Layer
    In this section we will understand how Spring Hibernate and Struts will work together to provide best solution for any web based application.
  9. DAO Layer explained
    In this section we will explain you the DAO Layer of our application.
  10. Send Mail Bean
    In our application we have developed mailer bean that sends welcome email when a new user is registered to the system. Mail Bean also used when user asks for the forgotten password.
  11. Developing User Registration Form
    In this section we will develop user registration form code.
  12. User Registration Action Class and DAO code
    In this section we will explain how to write code for action class and code for saving data into database.
  13. Login Form
    In this section we will develop Login Form code for our application.
  14. Developing Login Action Class
    In this section we will explain how to write code for login action class and database code for validating the user against database.
  15. Developing Forgot Password Form
    In this section we will develop Forgot Password Form code for our application.
  16. Developing Forgot Password Action Class
    In this section we will explain how to write code for Forgot Password and code for emailing the password.
  17. Update Profile form and action class
    In this section we will learn about update profile logic.
  18. Compiling and testing the application
    In this application we will compile and deploy the application on tomcat.
  19. Download Full Source Code
    You can download the full source code of the application from here.
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Developing Struts Hibernate and Spring Based Login/Registration Application

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July 3, 2011
using spring with hibernate login

using spring with hibernate login page information
November 9, 2011
Source code

Could you please provide me source code of this application Thanks, Arun
Nagendra Babu
March 6, 2012
Integrating struts spring and hibernate

send the integration with detailed explanation and simple example
April 21, 2012
thank Q very Muuch

keep it up
May 29, 2012
how to open this project in myeclipse ?

Hello and thank you so much for this use full project , please tell me how can I open this source code in myeclipse as a web project ?
October 7, 2012
Struts Hibernate Spring example

Hello i would like to ask you about how can i turn this project to Netbeans project.Thank you very much
July 11, 2011
Stuts Springs Hibernate project

Currently i would like to desgin a project on struts springs hibernate and i would like to have some sample projects which can be used for my reference.