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Struts Frameworks

The StrutsLive Framework
The StrutsLive framework builds upon several ideas introduced in the book Struts Live. One of the primary building blocks is a set of extensions to the Apache Struts framework that improve upon its default handling of POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects) nested in instances of Action Form. In particular, StrutsLive provides graceful handling for exceptions thrown during attempts to coerce request values to other Java types, such as Integer, Date, BigDecimal, etc. The conversion error handling facilities include automatic posting of appropriate error messages (instances of Action Message), which are coalesced with the ActionErrors generated during validation, in effect allowing conversion to be treated as a type of validation.

Struts Providers: select Solutions

Latest Struts
Current version
of Struts is start 2.2.1
Providers generates object collections to be used in web applications, mainly in filling html select controls with options tags.  When you are creating a JSP page and you have to fill a html select with options, you have to set the collection in the request or session to be in scope for iterating it and generating options tag inside select tag. If you have the same select in different use cases and JSPs, you have to get that collection for each use case.  Using providers, you can delegate the collection generation to Providers and just place a tag that creates options tags. You can use a basic provider and create filtering providers. 

Xkins framework
Xkins is a framework that manages skins for your web application.  Skins are used for a web application to look in a different way without the need to write one page for each skin or using CSS. A skin manages colors, fonts and images of your web page.  In early Java-Server-Side days, you used to put HTML hardcoded in a Servlet. Then, JSP came to allow you to put your HTML outside Java code. Nowadays, the same happens with taglibs that have HTML tags hardcoded in Java code. Using Xkins you can put this HTML outside your code with an additional and powerful feature: Skins.


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