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Download Struts

Learn how to Download Struts frame work for testing and development of web application for your enterprise.


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Learn how to Download Struts for application development or just for learning the new version of Struts.

This video tutorial shows you how you can download struts and save on your computer. This easy to understand download struts shows you different urls of downloading the Struts Framework.

Struts Framework can be downloaded is available in binary, source, maven and ivy formats. These format helps the developers to use Struts framework in many different ways in development, test and deployment process.

If you are developing standalone version and it is a small application does not required frequent version updates then you can download the binary version of the Struts Framework.

Download binary version:

The binary version can be downloaded from page.

Downloading source code:

If you are interested in the source code of the Struts framework you can download the source code from

Maven download 

Struts 2.3.8 dependency can be added to the maven pom.xml file using following configuration: 


Ivy Dependency to include Struts 2.3.8

Following code can be added to the ivy.xml: 

<dependency org="org.apache.struts" name="struts2-core" rev="2.3.8"/>

Struts Framework Tutorials:


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Download Struts

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