Software Programming

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Software Programming - What is Software Programming?

Software programming referred also as programming is the process of developing computer programs. There are several tasks involved in the programming including coding the program in a programming language, perfecting code syntax and structure, analysis, creating algorithms, implementation of algorithms, etc.

Basically the main purpose of programming is to create a set of detailed instructions that will help solving a problem in different use cases. This is why the process of programming requires expertise in an array of domains including programming languages, domains of applications, different types of algorithms and business logic creating the basis for code.

Apart from the knowledge and expertise mentioned above there are various tasks in programming including debugging, testing, source code maintenance, managing machine code for deploying in devices, system specific implementation, etc. Programming involves all these varied skill sets and areas of expertise.

What is Software programming?

Software programming is the processing of writing computer instruction in Low Level or High Level programming language to perform certain operations. This programming instruction is called Software and developed using any of the programming language. Example of programming languages are C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, .NET etc… This software code is compiled by compiler and converted to machine executable code. This machine executable runs on the computer to perform pre-defined work.

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