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Oracle Books

Building Oracle XML Applications This rich and detailed look at the many Oracle tools that support XML development shows Java and PL/SQL developers how to combine the power of XML and XSLT with the speed, functionality, and reliability of the Oracle data

Building Oracle XML Applications This rich and detailed look at the many Oracle tools that support XML development shows Java and PL/SQL developers how to combine the power of XML and XSLT with the speed, functionality, and reliability of the Oracle data

Oracle Books


  1. Building Oracle XML Applications
    This rich and detailed look at the many Oracle tools that support XML development shows Java and PL/SQL developers how to combine the power of XML and XSLT with the speed, functionality, and reliability of the Oracle database. The nearly 800 pages of entertaining text, helpful and time-saving hints, and extensive examples can be put to use immediately to build custom XML applications. Includes a CD-ROM with JDeveloper 3.1, an integrated development environment for Java developers. 

  2. Advanced Oracle PL/SQL Programming
    Steven Feuerstein's first book, Oracle PL/SQL Programming, has become the classic reference to PL/SQL, Oracle's procedural extension to its SQL language. His new book looks thoroughly at one especially advanced and powerful part of the PL/SQL language  the package. The use of packages can dramatically improve your programming productivity and code quality, while preparing you for object-oriented development in Oracle technology. In this book, Feuerstein explains how to construct packages- and how to build them the right way. His "best practices" for building packages will transform the way you write packages and help you get the most out of the powerful, but often poorly understood, PL/SQL language.

  3. Popular Book at Oracle
    An customer describes Stuart Read's The Oracle Edge: "I enjoyed this book from the beginning 'til the end. The Oracle Edge is a book about key strategies for success. The ideas and strategies have been well proven by the Oracle Corporation, which started as a small Company in 1979 and grew into a major Corporation. This is an in depth description of the culture and character Larry Ellison developed around him which gave life to Oracle. Larry Ellison set himself as a model by presenting an impeccable image, supporting team work, boosting employee morale, enforcing discipline and cultivating innovation especially from his employees.

  4. Professional Bookstore
    For over 100 years, McGraw-Hill has been recognized for publishing some of the most respected and well-known works in a wide range of professional fields. McGraw-Hill Trade is a publishing leader in business and investing, management, careers, self-help, consumer health, language reference, test preparation, sports and recreation, and general interest titles. McGraw-Hill Trade's diverse roster of best-selling series include International Marine, Ragged Mountain Press, Schaum's Outlines, VGM Careers, The Sporting News, VOX foreign language references, the NTC dictionary series, and much more. 

  5. OCA Oracle Application Server 10g Administrator Exam Guide
    A powerful book/CD-ROM package for 10g certification exam preparation This comprehensive book and CD-ROM package, exclusively from Oracle Press, covers all the material on the new Oracle 10g Application Server administration exam. Certification candidates preparing for this difficult Web administration exam will get hundreds of practice questions, hands-on exercises, and study tips. The book will also serve as an indispensable on-the-job reference. The CD-ROM includes: Two complete practice exams Detailed answers with in-depth explanation of both the correct and incorrect answers Complete electronic book 

  6. Expert One-on-One Oracle 
    Tom Kyte is of a rare breed. To begin, he's technically expert in his subject (administration of and development of applications for Oracle database management systems). What's more (and what distinguishes him from the ranks of the super-competent), he is both able and willing to share his considerable store of wisdom with Oracle users via books like Expert One on One: Oracle. Perhaps the best book about Oracle products ever put out, this book is a model of all aspects of technical publishing: scope, level of detail, clarity of explanations, and quality of examples. It's pretty much certain that you will learn a great deal about Oracle from Kyte's work, and that you'll become more capable in your work as a result of studying this book.Kyte-it's very tempting to call him an Oracle oracle-
    seems not to have had to struggle to fit his message into the Wrox Press form, which relies on a running commentary interspersed with code listings and conceptual diagrams.


  7. Oracle Wait Interface
    Troubleshoot, diagnose, and optimize your Oracle database efficiently and successfully every time. This exclusive Oracle Press guide explains how to take full advantage of the revolutionary Oracle Wait Interface (OWI) to quickly pinpoint--and solve--core problems and bottlenecks, and increase productivity exponentially. Get extensive details on all the OWI features, including the wait event views, their applications, and the extended SQL trace file. This invaluable resource will help you maximize the most advanced diagnostics tool available and minimize processing time. 
    Identify performance problems using wait event statistics 
    Monitor session-level wait events and collect historical data for root cause analysis 
    Interpret common I/O-related wait events 

  8. Oracle Book Reviews
    We'll review here those texts which are, or claim to be, about Oracle SQL. We try to be current, but we do not always go out and buy the latest edition of every book, especially if we disliked the last edition. We try to be fair, but disclaim responsibility for any errors or omissions. THE TOP 20 ORACLE BOOKS. We power searched the database for Oracle etc., deliberately excluding any publication date before January 2002, and excluding any title emphasizing peripheral topics (such as Perl, scripts, clusters, .net, networks, OCP, and backups). That leaves the most recent general and tuning books. We have sorted this list in approximate order of importance, by placing the most popular books first.

  9. Oracle 8: A Beginner's Guide
    A concise comprehensive survey of Oracle8 for novice users. Features the new Network Computing Architecture revealed.A Beginner's Guide will introduce you to the essential concepts behind the latest version of this complex and powerful database management system - and will teach you the basics of setting up, querying, and managing your database. In this official guide, authorized by Oracle Corporation and written by two renowned members of the Oracle community, database experts Michael Abbey and Michael J. Corey discuss: Oracle8's new object environment and object-oriented programming concepts, data warehousing, and Oracle's Network Computing Architecture with an emphasis on Windows NT Basic to advanced SQL, and the principles of database design Oracle tools.

  10. Expert One-on-One Oracle
    Thomas Kyte has a simple philosophy-You can treat Oracle as a black box and shove data inside of it, or you can learn how Oracle works and exploit it as a powerful computing environment. If you choose the latter, you will see there are few information management problems you cannot solve quickly and elegantly. Kyte has selected the most important features and techniques to discuss in Expert One-on-One Oracle, which he teaches in a proof-by-example manner. He discusses available features, implementing software using these features, and avoiding potential pitfalls.

  11. The Rampant Oracle In-Focus Series
    The Rampant Oracle In-focus series is a unique publishing paradigm, targeted at Oracle professionals who need fast and accurate working examples of complex issues. Rampant Oracle In-focus books are unique because they have a super-tight focus and quickly provide the Oracle professional with what they need to solve their problems. Rampant Oracle In-focus books are designed for the practicing Oracle professional. These books are an affordable way for all Oracle professionals to get the information they need, and get it fast.

  12. The Oracle Books
    The Oracle is a website devoted to the serious discussion of roleplaying games; what they are, why we play them, and how we can increase the entertainment (and in some cases, educational) value they offer us as players and game masters (DMs, referees, etc.). If you want to know more about The Oracle, including how to contribute, look in the About The Oracle section. The primary content you'll find on The Oracle is our collection of essays that address a wide variety of topics related to roleplaying games, including opinions about the RPG industry, analysis and criticism of RPGs, and lots more. 

  13. Programming Oracle Triggers and Stored Procedures
    Advanced Oracle features such as triggers and stored procedures make it possible to build databases that incorporate business rules - allowing companiesto reengineer processes more quickly and effectively than ever. This is the" bible" for anyone designing complex Oracle databases that incorporate business rules, and it is fully compliant with Oracle 10g. The book presents a simple methodology which yields a highly-maintainable repository of triggers and stored procedures which are easy to manage and modify as the business changes. Topics covered include: declarative constraints; analyzing constraints through the data dictionary; PL/SQL program units; embedded SQL; datat ypes and composite structures; error handling and exceptions; and interprocess communication. A trigger is a condition, which if true, causes a stored procedure to execute.

  14. Oracle Database 10g
    This version of the Oracle Database has been designed to meet two key goals: reducing the cost of manageability and delivering increased performance for all key workloads. In all areas, manageability and performance have been significantly improved. In addition, new capabilities that support the provisioning and virtualization of computing resource in a Grid environment are provided, allowing users to take advantage of low cost hardware and storage. Major new high-availability features are also provided, including new Flashback capabilities that reduce the downtime caused by human errors. In addition, support for rolling upgrades has been provided to reduce the downtime associated with database and application upgrades.

  15. Writing a Book About Oracle
    A casual scan of the bookshelves at any large bookstore reveals an interesting trend: There are more and more Oracle books available today, from an increasing number of publishers. The number of new titles has exploded just in the last few years-almost as fast as Oracle releases new database versions. This huge expansion of new titles also means that there are lots of opportunities for new writers. Presumably, these books are all being published because there really is a big demand for good database books. To exploit these opportunities, however, some preparation is required.

  16. Oracle disk I/O tuning
    This series of book excerpts is from the soon-to-be-released Rampant Tech Press book "Oracle disk I/O tuning," written by Mike Ault. Each excerpt in this series focuses on a different aspect of disk I/O performance and optimization for Oracle databases. Written by the world's top DBA and author of over 20 Oracle books, Mike Ault shares his secrets for Oracle DBA management scripts. This handy reference is indispensable for all Oracle professionals who must quickly tune their disk I/O subsystems. This is the definitive text on disk I/O tuning for Oracle databases. Drawing from the work of the best experts in the world, this book covers all aspects of Oracle disk I/O tuning including disk performance, RAID management, Oracle data file performance and Oracle data segment internals. 

  17. Oracle Database Administration
    Oracle database administration requires a vast amount of information and an ability to perform a myriad of tasks--from installation to tuning to network troubleshooting to overall daily administration. Oracle provides many tools for performing these tasks; the trick is knowing what tool is right for the job, what commands you need to issue (and when), and what parameters and privileges you need to set. And, as every DBA knows, you need to know how do all this under pressure, while you face crisis after crisis. This book provides a concise reference to the enormous store of information an Oracle DBA needs every day (as well as what's needed only when disaster strikes). It's crammed full of quick-reference tables, task lists, and other summary material that both novice and expert DBAs will use time and time again..

  18. Oracle 9i for Windows: Tips and Techniques
    Take full advantage of the strength and reliability of Oracle9i and the management features of Windows 2000. Written by the experts and authorized by Oracle Corporation, Oracle9i for Windows 2000 Tips & Techniques presents insider best practices for installation, upgrades, migration, tuning, backup and recovery, clustering, and high availability. You'll also get in-depth details on the new features of Oracle9i. Configure Oracle9i on Windows 2000 as a management platform, database client, and database server .Ease administrative tasks with database templates and Oracle Managed Files .Monitor and manage Oracle to maximize available memory, CPU, and I/O.

  19. Oracle8i: The Complete Reference
    This is a great book to help you get up to speed and stay on top of Oracle-centric concepts. It helps to have some experience using an RDBMS before climbing the Oracle mountain, but the early chapters will help even the novice database designer get up to speed. I bought two Oracle books- this and one from another publisher-and this is always the first book I'll grab. The reference manual in the back is superb, complete and well-organized. There are several handbooks in the middle that detail the basics of database administration and optimization.

  20. Autobiography of a lady oracle
    BOOKS ARE TENTS. Especially sturdy little hardbacks like this one. Thumb open the pages halfway through and place it face down on a table; Borrowers could shelter in there quite happily, above their heads a few dim paragraphs. That?s the conceit of the title story in this collection. But Margaret Atwood?s book-tent isn?t pitched comfortably on a bedside table, it is stuck in the middle of a howling wilderness?. The writer wants to protect those she loves by keeping them safe inside the tent, by writing on its walls. But the tent is made of paper. Paper won?t keep anything out.