What is software programming?

In this article we are going to define software programming and explain the basic two types of programming languages.

Complete introduction to the Software programming

We are going to discuss about Software programming and explain you how it is useful in software world. We will discuss about High-Level Programming Languages and Low-Level Programming Languages.

What is software programming?

All of us have heard the term and have a vague idea of what it involves but few of us know it by original definition. Software programming is part and parcel of our modern digital life and there is almost nothing in our urban surrounding that is not benefited by the contributions of software. This is why knowing the definition and the process of software programming is important for us. Let us begin with the definition and then to other aspects.

The definition of software programming

When by using a computer language a program is created to perform specific task, the end product is called software and the process leading to the creation of this software is called software programming.

So, as per the definition software programming involves two important aspects, respectively as developing a program by using computer language and designing programs for specific tasks and functions.

Programming Languages

The core of software programming is the computer language which is used for programming. Let us try to explain three different type of programming languages. Any information is understood by the computers in binary  machine consisting of binary values of zero and one. By computer programming this machine code is used to direct the computers about specific functions to perform. Now this programming can be done for particular operating system or for multiple OS platforms.

Depending upon the ease of use and flexibility in performing actions there are basically two types of programming language, respectively as high-level and low-level programming language.

High-Level Programming Languages

High-level programming languages are known for user-friendly format and easy to understand code that can be understood by humans when deploying for specific functions. Some of the most popular high-level programming languages that are widely in use include C, Pascal, FORTRAN, and BASIC. High-level programming languages are also known to work independently of the machine code and they can easily facilitate creating robust and large-scale programs in quick time.

Low-Level Programming Languages

Low-level programming languages in complete contrast to the high-level ones are more difficult to understand. Most of the assembly line and machine  languages are considered as low-level programming languages. These languages play important role when you need to make a specific device or machine perform a function. The software or programmes written in low-level programming languages such as machine code for a specific device can ensure high level of performance and efficiency for that particular machine. Programs created with low-level languages are more precise in character but requires more time to create in comparison to the machine independent high-level programming languages.

High-Level vs. Low-Level programming languages

When you go deeper into the comparison between high-level and low-level programming languages both have their respective pros and cons. While low-level languages play an invaluable role for machine specific functions and for actions like debugging, they have limited scope in respect of being deployed across the machines and devices. On the other hand, high-level programming languages make the mainstream of software programming and they are widely used for programming software of all types. Most software applications today we use in majority of device platforms are developed with high-level programming languages.

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What is software programming?

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