Web Hosting Guide. Introduction to Domain Name

Web Hosting Guide. Introduction to Domain Name Introduction to Domain Name What is Domain Name? If we have to send a letter to someone, we must know his/her mailing address. In the same way if we want to visit a website, we also need to know its

What is Domain Name?


In this section we will understand the Domain name system. We will understand what is domain name system and how it is useful on Internet? Domain name is very import for the online presence. It helps the people to find your information on internet with the help of domain name. People on the internet will type your domain name in web browser to view the details of your business.

Domain Name System (DNS) defines the rules and procedures for the domain names. Based on these rules domain names are registered and used for distributing the information on World Wide Web.

This article discusses about the Domain Names.

What is Domain Name?
If we have to send a letter to someone, we must know his/her mailing address. In the same way if we want to visit a website, we also need to know its 'address', and this address the domain name. Here are some examples of domain names

  • roseindia.net

  • Google.com

  • Amazon.com

  • Internic.net

  • Linux.org

  • Yahoo.com

Domain name is case insensitive, which means Google.com, google.com and GOOGLE.COM are the same. A dot act as a separator in a domain name. The part after the last dot is called the Top Level Domain (TLD). From the examples above, their TLDs are

Domain Name Top Level Domain (TLD)
Google.com .com
RoseIndia.net .net
Amazon.com .com
Internic.net .net
Linux.org .org
Yahoo.co.uk .uk
Natalie-Portman.ws .ws


What is WHOIS Record?
A searchable database maintained by the registrar, which contains information about networks, networking organizations, domain names, and the contacts associated with them for respective domains. Also, the set of rules that describes the application used to access the database. This site uses fasterWhoIs, an advanced engine that quickly searches all registrars' databases for domain name availability.

WHOIS record consists of several components, all or most of which are asked to complete when registering a domain name. These are:

Registrant: The person/organization that registered the domain name.

Administrative contact: The person/organization that will be responsible for all administrative issues pertaining to the domain name, including registrant information.

Billing contact: This is the person/organization responsible for handling any billing issues related to the domain name.

Technical Contact: The technical contact is one of the most important aspects of your registration record. This is the person/company that should be contacted regarding any technical issues pertaining to your domain, and usually contains the contact information of the domain name registry that registered the address.

Should you ever wish to sell, transfer or otherwise modify your domain in a significant manner, there is a good chance your technical contact will have to become involved. As a result, it is absolutely crucial that your technical contact information remain up to date ? otherwise, making any adjustments to your domain will become frustrating, and potentially impossible.

There are also several pieces of information that are only when a domain name is queried via a WHOIS service. These include:

Registrar of record: The domain name registry that registered/approved the domain name.

Record last updated: The last time any sort of alteration/update was made to the domain?s WHOIS record.

Record expires on: The date the domain name expires. When a domain name expires, the registrant risks losing control of the name.

Record created on: The date the domain was initially registered.

Domain servers: This contains the DNS (Domain Name System) information for a domain; there are usually two lines of DNS information. The first is typically a site?s primary DNS information, while the second contains secondary/back-up information.


Why do you need a Domain Name?

You need a domain name to create your own web site and make a presence on web. Buy your own domain name (yourcompany.com/yourcompany.net etc..) and create good looking web site. You should register a domain name for your company. Once registered, the domain name becomes your property as long as you pay the annual fee to the registrar.  So the first step of web presence is the domain name. Then next you create a good looking web site for your company.

How to Choose your Domain Name?

You can take the name of domain on your company name or your own name, I mean the same should be related to your business or profession. It should be catchy and easy to remember.

Where to Host the Web Site?
Host your site with a commercial hosting company (with your own domain, you won't find free hosting anyway). As you are paying for the hosting the hosting company will keep it up 24x7 and maintain the server. If you are not satisfied with your hosting company you can move your site to some other hosting company. Paid hosting company gives many features like Ftp upload of files, Front page support, Database support etc.. plus choice to upgrade the hosting plans at any time.

Domain Name Registration Rules .COM - is used for the commercial and personal websites

.NET - for the companies involved in internet business

.ORG - it is used by no profit organizations



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Web Hosting Guide. Introduction to Domain Name

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