What is Dedicated Hosting?

In recent times, the concept of dedicated hosting has emerged significantly due to its enhanced performance, stability and security. Most of the top IT companies and other business have deployed dedicated hosting as their preferences are met with this. So, let us know in brief what is dedicated hosting.

By far Dedicated hosting is considered to be the best web hosting services as for performance, stability and security. Compared to other shared hosting services that caters to different clients and typically sale their server space for client's web hosting, Dedicated hosting services typically serve one client with dedicated server space for the client. While small to medium grade and even many of the large companies and organizations go for hosting services on shared basis from hosting service providers, many of the top IT companies, business giants and administrative and security establishments prefer dedicated hosting to keep in tune with their security needs and preferences. By many aspects dedicated hosting differs from the common shared hosting services, but before going into the distinct benefits and comparisons let us have a look at the definition and technical aspects of Dedicated hosting.


Dedicated hosting refers to type of web hosting service that provides server space, maintenance and output for hosting websites of one company only. In general hosting companies or service providers let their server space be utilized by different companies for their websites corresponding to their hosting plan and scheduled space and services. In complete contrast to these shared hosting services dedicated hosting serves one client company by being available to it with the full server space, services, maintenance and other aspects. Most commonly they are also referred as dedicated servers or dedicated hosting servers owned by the client company for hosting their websites. Dedicated hosting service is a lot more cost intensive in comparison to shared hosting service as they need considerable investment for installation, maintenance and ongoing development.

Who should prefer dedicated hosting?

You can hardly imagine a new startup to invest tons to have its dedicated server for hosting a new website. Dedicated hosting is most reliable, stable, secure, well maintained and always in sync with the company's web preference and a lot more. From server space to updating operating system to security measures there is hardly any constraint with dedicated hosting when compared to shared hosting services, but it also comes at a premium price often unimaginable by small companies. So in conformity with the scale of exceptional benefits it is chosen by the big companies and organizations that are keen on best performance and security standard even at a premium cost.

Top benefits of dedicated hosting

Though it costs a premium and maintains a whopping economic burden on company's IT management, dedicated as far as performance, stability and security are concerned is considered unmatched as a hosting solution. Let us have a look at some of the most prominent benefits of dedicated hosting.


Dedicated hosting is the most stable hosting solution with absolutely dedicated server space owned by the recipient company and there can hardly be any nuance corresponding to that.

Reliability and performance

You can rely on the consistent web performance and sufficient operational backup when going with dedicated hosting. A bad day on server side is seldom experienced with Dedicated hosting servers.


Dedicated servers are most security proof from all kinds of security threats and data theft as compared to shared web hosting space. Most importantly a Dedicated hosting service leaves little or no scope for the outsiders to get a pass in the security tight servers.

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What is Dedicated Hosting?

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