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Uploading your website


Uploading Web Site
After developing the web site is necessary to upload it on the web server. To upload the site you need ftp access to your host. Your hosting service provider will provide username and password to access the server. 

You can use the command line ftp command to upload the site.

FTP Site upload Example:
Suppose you have created the pages for your site in c:\mywebsite directory. To upload the files to your web server follow the following steps:

1) Open the command prompt and navigate to c:\mywebsite directory.
  cd to c:\mywebsite directory

2) Type ftp <yourdomainnaem>
   For example ftp roseindia.net

3) Then the ftp will ask you for user name and password, provide user name and password to login to the server.

4) Then navigate to the public_html directory(most of the web site requires the files to be placed in this directory). Type cd public_html

5) To upload the file type put <filename> command.

6) To upload multiple file you can use mput command.

7) After uploading you web site, don't forgot to test it. User your favourite browser and type the url address of your website. Browser should show your website.





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Uploading website

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