Types of Hosting Services

In this article we will learn about different tpes of Hosting Services.

Types of Hosting Services


In this article we will understand the different types of hosting services offered by web hosting companies. The knowledge of types of Hosting Services will help you in finding the correct hosting server for your application.

All the websites on the Internet are hosted on some type of hosting server. Without hosting your website on internet you won't be able to make available for your users.  So, hosting a website is important in making it available for users. Hosting companies provides the server and space for running your website. There are different types of hosting services that caters the particular group of users. For example individual static website don't need high end server's, so these types of hosting services are cheaper. Enterprise grade application requires lot of processing power and requires lot of RAM. So, for hosting enterprise applications high end servers are need. High end server are very reliable and costs much more.

These days hosting companies are providing following types of hosting services:

  • Shared Hosting
    In case of Shared Hosting same server is used is for hosting many domains. Hosting company allocates small amount of space for each domain. In the shared hosting all the domains hosted on the same server shares the common server resource. This type of hosting is cheap and best suited to websites getting low traffic.

  • Virtual Private Hosting
    Virtual private hosting is also know as VPS hosting. In case Virtual Private Hosting, a specified software is used to create Virtual OS with root access on the shared server. Web hosting companies allocates some space, RAM and CUPs for each Virtual server. The root access of the VPS server is given to client. Then client uses this VPS server to hosting their applications.

  • Dedicated Hosting
    In case of dedicated hosting complete server is provisioned and given to the client. Client can access the server using root password and install the required software. This server is specially for the client and nothing is shared with others. The Dedicated Server is hosting is best for websites getting tons of traffic per day. Based on the amount of current traffic server RAM and processing power is chosen while configuring the server.

  • Co-location Hosting
    In case of Co-location Hosting, hosting companies rents the physical space in data center. Client then places their server there.

  • Cloud Hosting
    The cloud hosting is getting popular these days. Cloud Hosting takes the full advantage of cloud computing and provides the computing power to client. In this case also root access of the allocated system is given to client.


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Types of Hosting Services

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